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This wand is from the Noble Collection it is a prop replica of professor Dumbledore's wand he used in the movies.

The wand comes out to be 15 and a half inches long almost 16-inches long.

The detail is amazing it is very heavy and will last forever really as long as your not playing with it.

I do plan on collecting all wands i already order Professor Snape's and Professor McGonagall's so they are on their way.

When i first saw these wands i was kind of scare as far as buying them because i didn't think they would be worth the price they go for.

Plus i knew if i order one and if it was crap i would buy the rest and i would have wasted my money.

But no that wasn't the case in this purchase.

When i opened the box for the first time i could not believe how long the wand was the size was just crazy.

The weight it self well it's pretty heavy for a wand.

The only thing i don't like about them they have little bar codes written on them but you really can't see it unless you really are trying to find it.

They make to different' kind of this wand.

One having a blanket come with it but no name tag.

The second doesn't come with the blanket but has the metal name tag which i find a little odd.

The price of these wands are pretty cheap the first one i mentioned goes for $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

The second one goes for $28.00 plus $5.00 shipping which is the better deal.


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