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When it comes to DC comics - and all the legendary heroes that inhabit their stories - there's not a whole lot you could do to improve them.

After all, we're talkin' about Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, here - some of the greatest and most iconic heroes of all time - they're already operating on a pretty fundamentally awesome level of being.

As it turns out, though, it's still possible to - with a slight artistic twist - turn them into something even cooler. Something more...referential. More...meta. More...Warner Bros...

Specifically, by mashing up classic DC heroes with classic movie posters from the Warner Bros. back catalog - as DC comics are set to do in 2015 - it seems that you can actually make both of them even more awesome. The comic company is set to release the images as a set of variant covers to their March issues - but you can check them out below right now...

I've even thrown in the original posters, to highlight just how awesome these new versions are.

First up:

The Justice League Get Sexy

In Emanuela Lupacchino's Magic Mike-riffing take on the superteam. With bonus super-tattoos.

Catwoman Gets Bad-Ass

In Dave Johnson's version of the classic Steve McQueen actioner Bullitt. Only this time, with more leather.

Wonder Woman Gets Tough

And you'd have to think Zach Snyder would approve of Bill Sienkiewicz's take on 300. Prepare for glory, indeed.

Batman and Robin Go Back to School

In this Dark Knight-infused version of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone by Tommy Lee Edwards Bonus points for having Batman take over from Dumbledore.

Superman Gets Superfly

As in Superfly - interpreted by Dave Johnson. Only this time, the Man of Steel is the man with the plan. Bonus nice touch? That's Steel on the soundtrack.

Harley Quinn Gets Funky

Though even Dave Johnson's awesome new take on Jailhouse Rock struggles to capture the air of youthful rebellion that's always surrounded the iconic figure. And, of course, Elvis.

Batman and Co Know Kung Fu

And, in Brian Stelfreeze's hands, turn The Matrix into an even grittier affair. And, in fairness, Batman probably does know Kung Fu.

The Joker Plays it For Laughs

And, in Dave Johnson's version of The Mask, he highlights just how much he needs someone to stop him. And, of course, imply that Jim Carrey may have played the wrong villain in Batman Forever.

Green Lantern Changes His Name to Dave

In a stunning take on 2001: A Space Oddyssey, realized by Tony Harris. Who gets extra points for making it even more striking than the original.

Batman and Superman Go On the Run

And, in the hands of Tony Harris, do a damn fine impression of Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. Presumably Tommy Lee Jones' Two-Face is involved.

Batgirl Gets Funky

In Cliff Chiang's incredibly appropriate twist on Prince in Purple Rain. With bonus Batman.

And, in my two personal favorites...

Aquaman Frees Willy

Which raises a serious question - is there any chance his solo movie could be a Free Willy sequel too? If it's half as good as Richard Horie's cover, I'm down.

And, of course...

Superman Goes on an Excellent Adventure

Which, in Joe Quinones' hands, turns Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure into an even more awesome idea. Which is tricky, seeing as it's already pretty much perfect.

The best part? There are even more of the awesome covers right here - and you'll be able to see them in the flesh in 2015...

So, what do you guys think?


Loving the DC/Warner Bros. mashups?

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