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Twilight's always getting put through the ringer for the way that it depicts controlling, unhealthy relationships as the pinnacle of romance, but that doesn't mean the saga doesn't also have some positive things to teach us!

Below are 8 positive life lesson that I have gleaned from the cult teen movies so you don't have to.

1. Stick to Your Beliefs

In the immortal words of the wise Carlisle Cullen:

Stick to your beliefs even if the world is against them. Respect the world’s beliefs, even if you are against them

No truer words have ever been spoken in a teen tome.

2. It's Totally Okay for Boys to Sparkle

Smash gender stereotypes!

3. Staring Intently Is Where It's At, Okay?

When Cher said "it's in his kiss," that old bint was totally wrong. If Twilight has taught me anything it's that staring intently is the mark of true love... Or something like that.

4. Follow Your Own Heart... Not Someone Elses

Nobody wants to hurt someone else's feeling, but if you try to please everyone, you'll end up pleasing nobody. Including yourself.

Follow your own heart and don't compromise in your relationships, but please, never throw yourself off a cliff for anyone.

5. What Would Bella Do?

Think about it... And then just do the opposite! Bella's actions are often foolish, rash and melodramatic, but you can still learn from them by avoiding similar destructive behavior.

6. See People How They Are Really Are Instead of How You Want Them to Be

We all know Edward Cullen is mysterious, romantic and hot... But he can also look like the the dazzling GIF above.

The way Bella views her vampire lover only just stops short of her setting up an alter and burning him incense sticks as offerings.

This behavior means Bella doesn't really get to know the real Edward Cullen, just the Edward Cullen she desperately wants to exist.

7. Shy Can Be Sexy

Edward is a quiet loner, but we love him for it. Some dudes are just introverted souls, but that can be way more alluring than grandstanding with bucket loads of excess confidence.

8. Don't Overdo It!

If you speak to your high school sweetheart like this, they will probably run for the hills in fear.


Do you think Twilight can teach us some positive life lessons?


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