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It's been a long time since Twilight's heyday, but what do the Cullen clan look like now?

When you wipe off all of that pasty grease paint and see the actors underneath the vampiric mask, this lot somehow manage to be even hotter in real life.

Stop making us all look bad, guys!

Carlisle Cullen Played by Peter Facinelli

A tan is very becoming for pasty old Carlisle!

Esme Cullen Played by Elizabeth Reaser

Apart from the beauty mark, Elizabeth Reaser shares her vampiric characters style.

Alice Cullen Played by Ashley Greene

Emerging from the dark side really suits the adorable Ashley Greene!

Emmett Cullen Played by Kellan Lutz

Just when you thought Emmett couldn't get any hotter!

Jasper Hale Played by Jackson Rathbone

The power of a haircut!

Rosaline Cullen Played by Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed still hasn't shaken her vampire side and is now dating Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries fame!


Which look do you prefer?


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