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Here it is, the one and only 'best of 2014' list you've been waiting for: The 5 most epic stunts of 2014!

Compiling this thing wasn't easy. We've had an explosive year which gifted us new instalments in X-Men, Captain America, The Expendables, and the Planet of the Apes; as well meteoric blockbusters such as Interstellar, Edge of Tomorrow, and Need for Speed.

Some people reckon the increasingly elaborate use of stunt men and digital animation are no more than egotistical tangents by self-important directors (yes, unbelievably, some people actually think like that!)

For those, like myself, who believe that to be nonsense - strap yourself into the roll cage and get ready for the adrenalin buzz.

1) X-Men: Days of Future Past - Quicksilver's Prison Raid

It was the scene that stole the show in a movie packed full of mind-bending stunts.

Simply put, the scene is supposed to show us how fast Quicksilver can move and how he is able to break Wolverine, Magneto, and Charles Xavier out of a maximum-security detention facility at the Pentagon.

But it was so, so much more than that. As Quicksilver's buzzes around the room, with everybody else motionless, he manages to save his pals from flying bullets, make two of guards punch themselves, and even sample some of the kitchen's food. All the whilst listening to 'Time in a Bottle' by Jim Croce.

The scene ends suddenly as we're slammed back into real-time. Food splatters everywhere, bullets are dodged, and unconscious guards are strewn everywhere - excellent.

2) Edge of Tomorrow - Getting Off The Beach

Tom Cruise has always been known for doing his stunts. This video of him dangling 5000ft in the air over British countryside for next year's Mission: impossible attests that fact.

But what Cruise didn't expect was his co-star's to start getting involved, least of all, Emily Blunt.

All of the stunts in this banging 'Getting Off The Beach' scene, reminiscent of the D-Day Landings, were done by the actors themselves. Blunt, driving an on-set vehicle, even almost ran Cruise over in the process!

3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Harley Davidson Jump

Captain America: The Winter Soldier's stunt man, Riley Harris, said the Harley Davidson used to shoot the jump scene in the movie was "light and agile". Boy did it need to be.

We see Captain America jump almost 30m on the bike before tearing down the freeway, slaloming to dodge bullets along the way. As the aircraft comes to halt, Captain America, performed by Harris, slams on the breaks and catapults himself into the air.


4) The Raid 2 - Prison Fight

This gnarly scene showing a fight between the inmates and the guards once again hammers home the prowess of The Raid 2's choreographers. Every punch, every kick, every cringe-inducing bone break - all of it meticulously designed for our viewing pleasure.

Flowing blows and nifty footwork are halted by the occasional big hit.

Director Gareth Evans reckons:

"when the strong impact comes, the audience gets that little breath in."

5) Need for Speed - Car Flip

You'd have to imagine that Need for Speed director Scott Waugh felt a little under pressure to compete with The Fast And The Furious franchise when it came to stunts.

He needn't have worried; this exhilarating underground street race in the DeLeon near San Francisco that sees multiple car casualties delivered on every level.

To capture every split second of the action, the team employed a number of GoPro cameras on the car to show it spinning while in flight.



Which was the most epic stunt of 2014?


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