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Matthew Chapman

I really liked this series.

It airs on Disney XD but it’s a show that’s for kids and adults.

The joys of an animated series are that you can do anything. No having to worry about actors, storylines that can’t be converted to movies or characters that are owned by other studios.

There are appearances by The Thing, Spider-Man, and Doctor Doom just to name a few. Having this series also gives us the chance to see more of The Avengers personalities, individually and as part of the team.

I also really liked the addition of Falcon to [The Avengers](movie:9040) team as somewhat of the trainee Avenger in the beginning but definitely proves himself as the series goes on.

There is an overall season arc with the Avengers versus Red Skull and other villains but there are some standalone episode stories too.

This is an awesome show; one that I could watch again and I will be watching Season 2.


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