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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC on February 5th, 2015. Capcom has announced Street Fighter 5 as an exclusive for PS4 and PC, with no release date yet. But who will triumph?! XV vs V!

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is shaping up to be one of the best DragonBall Z games we've seen in years! It has a lot going for it with the feature that allows you to make your own character and then explore a large open world with some serious intense fights. Street Fighter 5 looks polished and beautiful on NextGen consoles, but does it have enough going for it to win?

Street Fighter V vs Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V had its first match the other day, and it looks pretty cool to be fair. But I'm not seeing too much that has changed when compared with Street Fighter 4. Okay, yes the graphics and animations are beautiful and the inclusion of the revenge meter sounds pretty awesome, but I really hope that Capcom are going to bring something else to the table with V so that it doesn't just feel like a prettier Street Fighter 4. Check out the new fight below!

The combat itself looks as great as it was in Street Fighter 4, with the addition of being able to break through the environments into separate rooms. The combat can still take place on both stages though as you move back an forth. It will take a while for us to come to grips with the new implementations that Capcom has introduced for the series, but let's hope they are as great as those they devised for 4. Do you have hope for Street Fighter V? Capcom haven't been dazzling us lately.

Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse looks like it's going to be a massive game. With player-created characters and huge expansive levels to battle away on, Namco Bandai could have a really great success on their hands! The new system has greatly expanded upon the graphical quality of the game, and granted Xenoverse its own story, separated from the Dragon Ball Z series.

You are a Time Patroller tasked with travelling to all of the battles that have disrupted by an evil entity in order to restore the balance to the world and its history. Awesome. There are also a bunch of side quests that the player can get caught up in!

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Every character you play as utilises the same controls for their combos and special abilities, though the attacks are always different for each one. The amount of button combinations are seriously extensive from what their recent livestream has shown us (you can check it out here!).

After much deliberation, I see more hope for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse coming out on top here. What do fans think of Capcom's and Bandai Namco's games?! Which will triumph in your books? Let us know in the comments!


Who will win?!


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