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Hey Guys, so recently I've been awol and I know that a couple of you have liked my recent post about Spider-Man and you want me to continue writing. I oromise I will, keep writing because writing for MP is a GREAT experience and I don't want to throw it away! So I've been gone because I've been working on my channel TheLostNerds which pretty much is a channel where I upload videos about news that's happening in the Superhero world such as Comics, Movies, etc. I also have a weekly podcast which has been going on for a year now so that's pretty fun as well. If you want to check it out it's

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So in my absence, I was listening to some podcasts and there is always one thing that is said in those casts that makes me want to go up to them and argue for days. It's the fact that they sometimes say, "You see, these next movies have to be good because it's what present day 14 year olds watch and look up too, they grew up with Ultimate Spider-Man and all this other new crap and don't know a thing about comics, and the movies is the only way to get them into today's world. Sometimes I see a kid walk into a Marvel movie and ask when Superman will show up and their dissapointed when they don't, so the parents have to go and cheer the kid up because no kid can ever be sad nowadays, etc, etc." (This quote was from an ACTUAL podcast which shall remain unamed)

I mean WTF! I can tell you that tose people at that podcast need to get there head out of their moms *** and think! i am 14 years of age going on 15 and started reading comics when I was 3, I fell in love with Batman at the age of 2, and would never watch Curious George because I was catching up on Batman: The Animated Sereis. These people are saying that teens like me didn't grow up with that stuff, and can't appreciate the classics and only know about the crap. Which is not true for all kids & teens. I pretty much grew up as a 90s kid even though I was born at the end of that era. My parents had me grow up in a world of old classic cartoons, comics and tv shows. The first book I ever read was a Jonah Hex comic, yes I may have ripped it but that's besides the point.

What I'm trying to get at here is the fact that even though some of us are young, that does not mean we don't know anything about comic books and superheroes. When I was 6 my Dad bought me 2 giant encyclopedia's for the characters in the history of Marvel and DC and I read those cover to cover I don't know how many times. These guys are saying that some of us try to review movies and talk about heroes online, and they feel bad for us because we don't know what we're talking about?!?! Who told you people that? How do you know if I know anything or not? Well if you don't know me you don't, so stop telling me, and all the other kids out there that grew up like I did, reading comics and enjoying Batman '66 with their grandpa, that we don't know what we're saying, because let me tell you something. I can argue about who Red X really was, if Superman could beat Batman, if Greedo shot first, or anyhting else and still have an actual good argument, as much as the next nerd or geek put there.

So before you go out and say that again in a review, podcast, article etc. Remember who your talking about, because some of us understand and know what we're doing, and sometimes we take offense to the fact that some guys out there think that I only know who Rocket Racoon is because of the movie, or that I never laid hands on an Iron-Man comic until Iron-Man 3, and you know, that saddens me, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who feels this way.

That's my rant, if you read it thanks! I appreciate it, and if you enjoyed leave a comment down below and share with your friends, also if you want to hear and see more from me, go check out my social media down below! Cya next time guys!





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