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I'm assuming everyone has already watched the the mid-season finale, where Arrow left us at a cliffhanger (literally). If you have not, this is a great time (try perfect) to stop reading because this entire post is full of spoilers. Done? Cool. Let's start.

So, Ra's probably didn't kill Oliver (Um.. duh!) but let's just think outside of the box for a second. We all know Stephen Amell to be the tongue-in-cheek guy that he is, and he sure didn't miss this moment to start off a major speculation, like this nice little (controversial) tweet:

Of course, it’s highly unlikely the death will stick. But the question then becomes how the show, which has mostly stayed away from the supernatural and superpowers up until this point, will resurrect its titular hero.

If you have carefully followed the episode, you'll notice Ra's pointing it out to Oliver that it has been 67 years since someone had challenged him. Assuming his apparent age to be well less than 50, we can safely assume that he confirmed the existence of a much fabled DC lore: The Lazarus Pit.

Now if you guys are new to comics, basically the Lazarus Pit is able to bring somebody back to life and also regenerate their age. It was something that Ra's Al Ghul had discovered and developed a long time ago (like really, really long time ago) and is the source of his restorative powers that have enabled him to live for centuries. If you've seen Batman: Under The Red Hood it was the same thing for Jason Todd, who was brought back to life in a Lazarus Pit after The Joker killed him.

If you guys have seen the promo for the next episode which is called 'Left Behind' (that's Episode 10), you get to hear somebody saying "Oliver Queen Is Dead" and you see somebody walking towards his fallen body.

I think it's Malcolm Merlyn.

That's right people.

Merlyn was probably there to make sure Oliver Queen killed Ra's (which we all know he couldn't. Hell! he got his ass handed back to him). So, Oliver's body lands on top of a (rock?) and this is where the speculations start happening. I think that Merlyn is gonna try and get Oliver Queen as soon as possible to a Lazarus Pit. The only downside for using the Pit is that it really really messes up your head, hence Ra's' twisted viewpoint regarding the world and Jason Todd's violent aggressive vigilante alter ego, The Red Hood. Anyway, if that happens, we can safely see Oliver return, probably a changed man.

Here's the promo:

Also worth pointing out that Oliver is not the only character who we can expect a comeback from in 2015. Arrow Season 3, Episode 14 will be titled “The Return.” However, according to Marc Guggenheim, the show's producer, the title does not refer to the obvious:

Note: We learned earlier that Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, would be returning in the new year.

So many crazy shit happened in this episode, I don't even know where to start. The fact that Thea was actually the one who killed Sara.


That was really crazy.

Also, I do like the fact that how they keep on teasing The Atom, who was coming to Arrow.

With The Flash teasing Firestorm, and Arrow teasing the Atom, I just can't wait for the new characters to be introduced, and see how they're gonna come helping the Flash and Green Arrow in the upcoming episodes.

So overall, this episode was pretty good. Not so much though, because except for the ending fight (are we even calling it a 'fight'? More like Ra's kicking Oliver's ass and killing him off), this was a pretty average episode. Or the fact that we almost know for sure that they're gonna bring Oliver Queen back, because why would anyone kill off and never bring back the titular character? It just doesn't make sense.

When we return from winter hiatus, we’ll be greeted with a trilogy of Black Canary-centric episodes. It seems likely that news of Oliver’s death will be what prompts Laurel to suit up as Black Canary.

After episodes 10, 11, and 12, Arrow season 3, episode 13 — the episode prior to “The Return” — will be titled “Canaries” and feature, you guessed it, Caity Lotz.

Interestingly, the DC Wiki notes that Ra’s is not the only one to use a Lazarus Pit in the comics; Nyssa and — wait for it — Black Canary have also used it.

Though Sara’s death propelled Laurel’s storyline earlier this season, her resurrection could do the same. After all, Laurel coming to terms with why she fights if her reason for revenge — honoring Sara’s memory — has been taken from her would be compelling. Not to mention, it would draw another parallel between her and Oliver, who took on his fight against Ra’s to protect his own sister.

But these tad bits of suspense are the things that keep us going and we'll all be back for the new episode after the mid-season break.

Happy Winter hiatus everybody.

P.S. - Some other interesting theories about the man in the Episode 10 promo being Maseo or the person to feature in 'The Return' to be Sara Lance or Tommy Merlyn, feel free to comment your own thoughts regarding it.


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