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For 2 seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (I'm already getting sick of using the periods between each letter, so for the rest of this post, it will be AOS) has been enabling Marvel to keep the upper hand on DC. Now, I know some (maybe most) of you may not like the show, but bear with me here. When the first season started, I was just as hyped as, I'm sure, most of you were. As the season progressed, things got slower and slower. I almost gave up on it, to tell you the truth. However, I knew this show played a larger role in the grand scheme of things, so, I stuck with it and look where we are now.


Chloe Bennet as Agent Sky/Quake
Chloe Bennet as Agent Sky/Quake

If it isn't already evident to you, it is more than clear that Marvel has the upper hand on DC's universe due to the fact that they started building theirs much earlier than DC. Marvel already had a bunch of movies released by the time Man of Steel came out in 2013. Now, DC has released their slate of future movies and, to be honest, I can't wait. Marvel knew this would eventually happen and had to put certain things in place in order to counter this move. Marvel released their slate of future movies and, to the delight of fans, it looks pretty awesome. So, lets say that marvel and DC are nearing level ground in the movie world (maybe). Obviously the number of films will not be the same, but achieving an established universe counts for something.

This is where [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) comes heavily into play. For quite some time, way before the Inhumans movie and TV reveal, there was speculation that this is what AOS was building towards. When Marvel announced their plans for an Inhumans movie to be released in 2018, these speculations were all but confirmed. Now, they are actually confirmed. If you have watched the last episode of AOS, "What They Become", you know that Skye, her father and Raina are all Inhumans. You also know that the season-long MacGuffin was the "obelisk", which some thought housed another infinity stone (you couldn't be more wrong). The obelisk, which is really called "the Diviner", was housing a Terrigen Crystal, which then released the Terrigen Mist that transformed Skye and Raina, while also killing Agent Triplett, thus, introducing Inhumans into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Diviner
The Diviner

So why would Marvel introduce the Inhumans over 3 years before the movie is set to release? I'll tell you why. They are smart. Now, Marvel doesn't have to do a huge origin story in their first movie about our favorite mutant substitutes. Obviously, they need to fill in some of the blanks, but the basics are taken care of through AOS. Not only does it give them leeway in the movie, it also allows them to introduce a new set of characters into their universe a few years early. This will have an impact on the show itself and on the big screen. It gives the studio more stories to play with before we meet the Royal Family of the Inhumans in 2018. Because of the obvious fact that there are no mutants (even the word mutant doesn't exist) in the MCU, Marvel needed a game-changer like this. Inhumans and mutants are almost the exact same, with the exception of the origins of their powers, of course.

This, as a whole, fixed the problem of not having any mutants in the MCU, while also allowing Marvel to keep a creative (and genius) edge on the DCU. Yes, DC has a much, much better slate of TV shows on the air, but NONE of them are connected to their larger universe. Why, you ask? Who the hell knows. I like the way the DC TV universe is playing out though, but that's besides the point. Marvel was able to, successfully, link their TV and Movie properties into one huge universe through one show. Yes, maybe AOS could still use some work, but the direction that they want to take the show is solid, in my opinion at least. Marvel wants the fans to HAVE to watch AOS to keep up with the overall MCU. This is what will keep the show going. The continuity of the MCU depends on the fans keeping up with every property released by Marvel. Anybody, and I mean anybody, can watch the ONE movie that is part of the DCU (Man of Steel) and already be caught up. The 2 1/2 seasons of Arrow, 1/2 season of the flash, and 1/2 season (I think) of Constantine are useless if you are only into the movies. I am not, in any way, shape or form, diminishing the success of those shows, because they are pretty great. It is the simple fact that DC, more or less, lets you choose if you are going to indulge into the TV or movie universe (or both like me), whereas Marvel says "Here you go. If you want to be up to date, watch this in the meantime." I guess you could say Marvel cornered the market on this.


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