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Ashton Kutcher might just have confirmed Charlie Sheen's return on Two and a Half Men, and he didn't even have to say a word.

Kutcher was a guest on the Ellen de Generes Show and when she asked him point-blank whether Sheen would be returning for the series finale, he's face - and general awkwardness to the question - gave the game away.

Like this:

General awkwardness
General awkwardness

In case that wasn't enough inadvertent proof that Sheen was going to be back for one final hurrah, Kutcher also revealed that he'd read about the series finale and it "terrified him":

I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it. I'm scared. I'm a little terrified.

So why exactly would Kutcher be afraid of the season finale and a potential Sheen comeback? Well, it might have something to do with this twitter exchange the pair had soon after Sheen was fired from the show.

When Kutcher told Sheen to "shut the fuck up" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sheen responded in typical Sheen style:

Ashton, message received. so sorry, u sounded like me! well done! my bad I was pissed at other crap & took it out on you. hope u r good xox c,
But news flash Dood, you ever tell me to shut the F*** up, EVER again, and I'll put you on a hospital food diet for a year. c Jr?

So that's why Kutcher might be slightly nervous about a series finale reunion...

You can check out Kutcher's interview with Ellen below and see how truly terrible his poker face is:

Two and a Half Men is set to conclude on February 19, 2015.


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