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Hello, readers! A new week is upon us, and that means we're getting down to the final rounds of our fan-driven, reader-chosen challenge: YOU DECIDE: The Best Movie of 2014! Last week saw us start with the original 32 movies, down to 16, down to 8.

And here we are - the final four!

Once again, I chose the winners of Round 3 from the numbers as they stood at 9 a.m. PST this morning. But if you'd like to see each round, here you go:

CLICK HERE to see Round 1.

CLICK HERE to see Round 2.

CLICK HERE to see Round 3.

Don't forget to comment, either! We're also giving away a sweet Moviepilot Blu-ray/DVD prize pack. Just comment on this article for a chance to win a package from us to you stuffed full of our hand-picked selection of ten of the best Blu-ray/DVDs of 2014 and a few other goodies. Because we're givers like that.

We're down to four amazing movies, but alas, only two will move on to the final round. Who will it be? YOU DECIDE!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Choose one:

Two movies about two natural-born leaders rebelling and fighting a corrupt system from within. Both were intense, and darker than audiences may have expected - and no one escaped unscathed. But the real escape is this round. Who will make it to the final, the Mockingjay or the Star-Spangled Avenger? Who will fall, Katniss or Cap? Make your choices and decide!

Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Interstellar


Choose one:

Space opera vs sci-fi, heart vs. brains, both movies took us to outer space - way, way out-there space, and both captivated audiences in very different ways. Unfortunately, only one intergalactic adventure can venture on to the final battle; someone's spaceship has to stop. But who will it be? Vote now and decide their fate!

Cast your votes, comment, and stay tuned for the fourth round to be revealed on Wednesday!


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