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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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It seems as if Joe Musashi and Ax Battler will soon be joining other iconic video game characters in their relocation to the silver screens of the world, if SEGA has its way. The gaming giant is trawling through their vast back catalogue for video games to develop into films, TV shows, and digital series!

Stories International, SEGA's production company, has acquired the rights to forty SEGA IP's, including Altered Beast, Crazy Taxi, Rise Of Nightmares, and Streets of Rage, and it seems as if those are the titles they will start with. Though we cannot discount Golden Axe and Virtua Fighter as potential releases, because S.I. own the rights to those two also.

Stories International was founded in 2011 by a joint venture between SEGA and Hakuhodo DY Group, a Japanese advertising agency who just happen to be the world's seventh largest in that field, to exclusively produce televisual and cinematic content for the former.

Former Break Media director of entertainment development Evan Cholfin has been recruited to head the development and production of the company's film, television and digital division.

“With his impeccable taste and experience developing and producing entertainment in nearly every format imaginable, Evan is the unique executive to revitalize and canonize our partners’ brands by working with Hollywood to create stories that will last for centuries.”

- Tomoya Suzuki

I'm not sure what to make of this news. Especially trying to contemplate a post-Conan The Barbarian, Golden Axe movie. It may work as a TV show, in the vein of Vikings or even Spartacus, with heavy character development and a tense, weaving narrative. But, just like the Sonic The Hedgehog movie that has Sony Pictures' hands all over it, I'm a tad apprehensive because I really don't want my childhood heroes tarnished in a Super Mario Bros. feature film fashion.

What I Want To See

Altered Beast

A Roman centurion is resurrected from the dead by Zeus, in order to save his daughter Athena from Neff, the Demon God of the Underworld. In order to withstand the trials to come, the centurion must collect three "spirit balls" that enable him to transform into anthropomorphized beasts with powerful abilities.

I can't help but worry that this may turn out to be a "high brow," adult Animorphs. But despite that, the premise could work well for a TV series. But with Ancient Greece comes togas, possible political intrigue in the heavens, and a fair amount of nudity.

"I shall strike thee down with my fists of justice"
"I shall strike thee down with my fists of justice"

(image via Brother Brain)

Crazy Taxi

This is a tricky one. The point of this game is fairly self explanatory, but would it work as a feature film or TV series? Maybe as an absolutely insane animated series that pits a heroic band of misfit taxi drivers against an evil conglomerate franchise taxi company.

There must be crazy stunts and jokes aplenty, please.

Streets Of Rage

3 ex-police officers attempt to take down a crime syndicate that has taken over their once peaceful city...Streets Of Rage is a great proposition! This could work as a feature film or a TV series. With action, intrigue, a bit of the old ultra violence and badass kung-fu, I'd rush home from work for this! Imagine Sons of Anarchy meets the 80's neon glory of Drive...

With all of this news in tow, all I can say is: tread carefully, SEGA, for you walk on my childhood dreams.

What iconic SEGA games would you like to see made into a feature film or TV shows?

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