ByMags Coetzer, writer at

A trained female CIA Operative, who left the service for ethical reasons, is head-hunted years later by her CIA mentor, now the President of the United States, for the position of State Secretary. She is thrown into the deep end, where scheming colleagues, a murdered predecessor, and challenging international crises keep her on her toes on the work front. At home, her sexy husband, both a Professor and one-time CIA Agent, and her three kids provide the domestic drama. The two worlds intertwine, as she strives to balance her roles as high powered White House politico, wife and mother. Tea Leonie is convincing and impressive as she cleverly negotiates sticky foreign affairs situations, using female intuition and charm, together with her CIA training and formidable intelligence. It is believable and entertaining, although her character needs to develop more facets, show more tangible human traits. Vulnerability and self-doubt is dealt with a little too glibly. Madam Secretary showcases another powerful, intelligent female lead in the TV Landscape, a very welcome development.


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