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Chris Jaser

One of my first articles I wrote on here was the possible return of traditional animation to the big screen. Now in these behind the scenes videos, you will see how the traditional animation was used to help develop the short film Feast!


Feast AnimRounds:

Its still great to see that even as a tool for 3D films, traditional hand drawn animation has a supporting role in the production at WDAS. Though this isn't the first time WDAS has used traditional animation to better understand a character.

Here are some 2D animation tests of the characters for Wreck it Ralph:

So as you can see, traditional hand drawn animation is still implemented at WDAS as a tool to work out the animation details for the animators. Hopefully in the future, traditional animation will once again be on the big screen as the big act rather than in a supporting role.


Do you miss hand-drawn animation?


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