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Well since we know Marvel is just about to buy the rights of the 'spiderman' franchise, the story is sure to be changed. And looks like they are going to recast everyone, and honestly I am pretty happy about it. Many of you guys don't really agree but I found the original trilogy better than the new roster. The reason?

Peter Parker

In the first trilogy, we saw Toby Maguire portraying us a spiderman who is a more mature character who trying to fit around with his new found power and trying to balance his social life with his responsibility..... because you know... "With great power comes great responsibility." - I don't really think so Ben Parker came up with this originally. We saw him being a guy with a bit more humility, who is more serious about his job and knows he needs to keep his identity a secret. He Isn't a fast thinker though but eventually comes with a solution somehow.

The reboot featuring Andrew Garfield gives us a younger spiderman who is kind of more like the James Franco version of Harry Osborn who is immature about making choices and is vulnerable to influences by others. He is shown as a much sharper and cooler character even before he gets bitten which kind of beats the purpose of his life taking a turn since the powers kick in. Even without the powers he could have still scored Gwen and would have beat the Lizard with the help of forces as Gwen managed to reach the top and change the serum to be spread through air. In fact if he wouldn't have been so smart to out rule Oscorp and get into the room where he gets bitten, all of this would never had happened. He wouldn't have given the formula to Dr. Curt Connors. I mean he wouldn't have got angry at Uncle Ben so that Ben would go look after him and get shot. Ben would have lived, he would have got Gwen, her dad would have lived and since there would be no spiderman there would be no argument between Peter and Gwen's dad. Basically his life would still be awesome. Then what was the purpose of getting bitten?

What about Marvel's casting?

We know that the spiderman series entirely takes place in the same city where Tony Stark lives. And till now we haven't heard of spiderman in the all the films by the MCU we have seen so far. Well here is my theory how they could fit Spiderman in their universe...

A Middle Age Spiderman

Well I guess a retired middle age Spiderman would just fit into the story.

Now here is my theory on this:

After the years of crime fighting Peter retires from his job and rests while he sees other superheroes rising. He completely isolates himself from the outside world since he doesn't want S.H.I.E.L.D. to interfere in his peaceful life of happy living. Though one day, the newly formed S.H.I.E.L.D. team sniffs him out. He is asked for help but he refuses to join them. Soon seeing the destruction Ultron created he decides to help them and joins The Avengers (who are likely to split after Avengers: Age of Ultron). He joins Tony, who builds an iron spidey suit to help Peter overcome his age differences and the lack of training since his last job as spiderman. Later he is helped by Captain America to overcome his weaknesses physically and helps him regain his body strength and agility. (and then Civil War)


What do you think?


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