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(An exploration of an alternative future series for the Predator franchise?)

In summer 2014 I read of the plans to take the Predator series another step or reboot it. As we haven't heart much since then we will have to wait and see. In the meantime I decided to dust of my own ideas and pitch them out to the public, to you dear reader, for your amusement, entertainment and to act as showcase for my own writing skills.

Perhaps the thoughts I've long been harbouring for a new direction of the Predatory storyline, beginning with a return of Major "Dutch" Shaeffer, will appeal widely enough to be accepted.

We've seen the potential for integrated series, major franchises in the Marvel universe dominating everyone's thoughts, and the Predator/Alien films offer another such franchise opportunity; but do the studios realize what's needed to carefully tie together so many strands into something we'll all enjoy?

It's not just the case of trashing and rebooting with flashy SFX (dreading the new Terminator?) but a careful weaving together of threads we've all seen and enjoyed into something that respects the earlier films and takes us along the next step.

That's what I've been thinking about for the last few years, that' what I began writing in summer. and it's what you can enjoy reading too.

I'm not in Hollywood, they don't know I exist, but this can act as showcase to demonstrate my writing to you and maybe on someone somewhere will enjoy it enough to want to take it further.


It's thirty years after Dutch's nightmarish experience, and he's woken in another cold sweat. It's time to put into effect a plan he's been working on for decades.

Now he must assemble a team, find backers from big corporations and hunt a Predator, the temperatures are rising...


The story will attempt to bring together Dutch, Predator, Weyland and more and leaves the door open to begin a new series of adventures, the rest will be up to the studio and producers if they like what I'm creating.

You can download the script pages as I complete them. I published the first thirty pages in summer, then had to take a break. Currently working on more which I hope can come out over the Christmas holiday season 2014. for more information and updates.

Who hunts who?
Who hunts who?

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