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Josh Mickle

As many fans know by now, Marvel and Sony are set to have a meeting next month on a possible deal to feature Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All that set aside, this post is just to sir up some storyline's that could be featured after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Outside of Batman, Spider-Man is the only character with the best rogue gallery, point blank! So assuming that Sony and Marvel get him back and past 2019, there are 2 Marvel Spider-Man films til the next Avengers Film (like 2 Iron Man films before the 1st Avengers Movie), the Avengers Movie (post Avengers: Infinity War) should be based not on World War Hulk, it should be based around the story arc from Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows video game. Think about it, in Avengers 1, you save New York, in Age of Ultron, you save the world, in Infinity War, you save the Universe. At some point, (as AMC's John Campea explains it best) you gotta go back to saving the neighborhood, the girl or the city and press that reset button for the MCU (and soon DC when they reach that point with their Movie Universe). So when Marvel presses this reset button, it would be amazing to see Venom (and the symbiote surge) brought into the fold as the main Villain against the avengers! (FYI: This story arc would not include Carnage). The Avengers story possibilities with this arc is endless. Venom is the coolest Villain out there, but no one thinks about the big possibility of him being an Avengers Villain. Am I crazy? Is this a cool concept for an Avengers Movie? Comment below, let me know


Would you like to see Venom (and the symbiote surge) featured against the Avengers after Infinity War?


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