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Nick Hughes

Okay, I'm totally confused by The Flash's Mid season finale. It was an awesome episode. I mean, did you see Firestorm fly away?! Thought I was watching a movie.

The big reveal however is Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash. But, I don't buy it. Why would he be helping The Flash out for so long? In the trap, how did the Reverse Flash beat up the guy who is supposed to actually be the Reverse Flash?! But, the biggest clue is also the subtlest.. he didn't heal after getting attacked by Reverse Flash.

Harrison even says it himself: "I know you heal fast which is how I knew your body could regenerate from the damage the forcefield is doing to your body". Except he was visibly injured throughout the rest of the episode, even until the final moments when he was interacting with Reverse Flash's suit.

My theory? Well, I don't have one. My guess is that Reverse Flash is actually Eddie's future self and is working with Dr Wells. But that still doesn't explain why Dr Wells is helping Barry, training him etc.

Until [The Flash](series:1068303) returns in January, we can only speculate.


Is Harrison Wells the Reverse Flash?


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