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With the recent leak of information and intentions from Sony about Spider-Man joining The Avengers, many questions have been birthed in the hearts of comic geeks concerning what seems like the impossible: cross-over movies.

One such dream and desire still largely under the radar is the possibility of Wolverine joining The Avengers. Unlike Spider-Man, there is more than enough reason, evidence and incentive for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to fight alongside The Avengers. Often the questions we ask in the realm of desire are never quite applicable in the real world. Whether that desire is a Punisher reboot with Thomas Jane, or a Hulk stand-alone movie, the fundamental concern isn't about whether the movie will be watched or if there will be people to create it, but if the movie will make money.

Could Wolverine Join The Avengers?

As this is the primary concern for Sony and the Spider-Man movies, this is NOT a concern for Wolverine. $179 million was made in total for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which was considered to be a disappointment by those seeking an honest comic-based film) and The Wolverine grossed $132 million. The most recent and critically acclaimed [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) grossed $233 million only further establishing Fox's success with their movies. With the immense success of the X-Men movies, not only is there a bigger audience than ever, but more money than ever. The co-operation of Fox and Marvel to bring Wolverine to The Avengers could reap unfathomable profit for both companies.

On top of this all, what's really encouraging is Hugh Jackman himself has been voicing his opinion this past year. In this interview on Numbers Never Lie, Hugh explains his desire to not only work with Robert Downey Jr., but how cool it'd be to join the team:

Yeah, not only once did he voice how into the idea he is, he's done it a good couple of times:

Did I say couple? Yeah theres tons of times all over Youtube where Hugh really digs into the same dream we all have.

If Marvel doesn't include Wolverine (at least) in their universe within the next five years, I'm totally never seeing another Marvel movie again... Yeah, who am i kidding? We're all at the mercy of their glory.


Who's into the idea of Wolverine joining the Avengers ?


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