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Spoilers follow for the [Arrow](series:720988) mid-season finale, so if you have not seen it then what are you doing with you life? GO WATCH IT!


Anyway, since that shocking mid-season finale cliffhanger (sorry, was to good not to be said) which saw our beloved Oliver Queen being stabbed and thrown off of a cliff, fans have been speculating on how he could be brought back.

Obviously, the first thing that popped into comic book fans minds were the Lazarus Pits. There have been many who claim that the Pits would unsettle Arrow as the show has been known for it's grounded and realistic take on a superhero, and others who claim "Who cares? BRING US A LAZARUS PIT". Hell, we were even treated to a sneak peak of what could possibly be a Lazarus Pit.

Now fans have even more to speculate, as Stephen Amell has now posted this little tease.

Now, obviously this is the fan made poster that has been making it's way around the internet for quite some time, but the fact that Amell has posted it and even cited the fan for being clever, could indicate that Oliver will be brought back in a pit.

He may just be citing the fan for his clever art work, but since he said "fans" could he be confirming that the fans were correct and that he is going to be taking a trip to a Lazarus Pit!?

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Will Oliver be resurrected in the Lazarus Pits?


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