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I recently wrote a breakdown on the [San Andreas](movie:407579) trailer, which looks totally awesome, by the way. It stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and boasts some really cool special effects. Like any movie about the catastrophic end of the world, though, it's difficult to make your trailer uniquely different than any other movie with a similar storyline.

Annnnd, that's where The Day After Tomorrow (2004) comes in. As Collider points out, sure, the circumstances might have been slightly different, but the result is the same. The world ends up in shambles. And the trailers are almost creepily similar.

'The Day After Tomorrow' Trailer:

'San Andreas' Trailer:

Notice anything?

They both show the early stages of LA getting wrecked

This is The Day After Tomorrow. Tornadoes in LA? Since when? The city will be gone, soon enough.

This is San Andreas. I mean, sure, the quality is a bit better (Ten years of technological progress allows for higher definition footage), but for the most part, this seems strangely familiar.

The Hollywood sign stands no chance in either movie

This is The Day After Tomorrow. For whatever reason, a wooden sign getting wrecked is extremely emblematic of our civilization's end. Goes to show the influence of Hollywood.

This is San Andreas. The sign takes a spill in this one as well. This shouldn't even be surprising at all.


This is The Day After Tomorrow. The Statue of Liberty gets wrecked in this surprise BONUS East Coast footage!

Both have 'guy with all the answers' who is warning us (of course, no one listens)

The Day After Tomorrow. "Save as many as you can". He doesn't seem hopeful at all.

San Andreas. This guy works at Cal Tech. He knows what he's talking about. The East Coast is going to get wrecked too!

Both have holes in the ground leading to quick death

The Day After Tomorrow. Hole in ground #1. Ice version. If you fall into it, you will die.

San Andreas. Hole in ground #2. Gas station version. If you fall into it, you will also die.

Airplanes and helicopters are literally our only hope

This is The Day After Tomorrow. If you can't get to an airplane or a helicopter, you're probably going to die.

This is San Andreas. They're in a helicopter so they should be okay... that is, until it runs out of gas!

Both ask "where will you be?"

This is from The Day After Tomorrow.

Wait for it...

This is from San Andreas. They both need to know where I will be when the world ends, for some reason. My answer is, "hopefully in an airplane or helicopter". Or a spaceship maybe.

Wow - it seems like San Andreas could have thought of a slightly better... or at least different, tagline.

(via Collider)


Will 'San Andreas' be better than 'The Day After Tomorrow'?


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