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The climax of the Hobbit series ended with 'The Battle of the Five Armies' which has been a great hit in cinemas across the world, but I think that aspects of this film have been quite disappointing.

For instance, I thought that several of the key characters suddenly disappeared towards the end and several key things were left unanswered.

For example the disappearance of the Elven-King, Thranduil, towards the end of the film. In the film he just presumably ventured home without his son yet it was quite different in the books with his, Bilbo and Gandalf travelling back to Mirkwood.

Another point which I found quite disappointing was, who would become King under the mountain after Thorin's death, I mean well it was presumed that it would be one of the other dwarves on the journey but that point - I felt - was never made clear.

But overall I thought that the film was a really good film but several aspects could've been, easily, made clearer. Even with these points I would still recommend this film and would go see it again anytime.


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