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Since the team-up of DC Comics' titans was announced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, almost all attention and speculation has been on Batman's return to the big-screen. It has been mostly forgotten that while this movie may serve as a prequel to the Justice League movie, that this is in fact a direct sequel to [Man of Steel](movie:15593).

One of the leading scoopers in the business, BadassDigest's Devin Faraci, explained how Henry Cavill's Superman is being handled in his second big-screen appearance. His report is based off of a script that he read a month before shooting, so certain details or scenes may or may not make it into the film - due to the screenwriting, shooting, and editing process.

In any case, it gives you a great sense of the tone and approach of the movie. There is a lot to digest so we will bulletpoint the biggest areas of interest. If you couldn't tell by now...(Spoiler Alert)

  • The script opens with the brief retelling of the Wayne's murder.
  • Batman rushes to Metropolis DURING the battle between General Zod and Superman.
  • The primary action in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) takes place a few years after the events of the Man of Steel.
  • Superman has been going on various adventures, becoming closer to the recognizable hero we all know him to be in the years since Man of Steel.
  • Clark Kent and Lois Lane are an item and living together.
  • Kent isn't getting the juicy stories to cover for the Daily Planet.
  • Lois gets in trouble in the Middle East and Superman has to bail her out, which causes an international incident. All countries are wary of Superman and China doesn't allow him in their airspace.
  • Superman breaking people's necks is directly addressed, possibly with humor.
  • Superman does have the ability to lose his cool.
  • General Swanwick returns and he is an ally of Superman by this time.
  • Superman is largely trusted (by America), with the glaring exceptions of Lex Luthor and Batman who is putting together his own counter-measures against Superman.
  • Superman and Doomsday fight. Swanwick comments about Superman being heroic by moving the fight away from the city.

If these rumors hold up, it actually really isn't too surprising. Observers have long speculated that since Man of Steel was such a divisive film, that Snyder would use the follow-up and characters such as Luthor, Batman, and Swanwick (the face of the military), to address critics' complaints of the first film.

There were many eyebrows raised with the scale of destruction in the movie and felt that Superman was out of character. It is now clear that he was just young and still learning, through the various DC personalities that he encounters, how to become a greater hero.

It may aggravate some that we will be seeing the Wayne's murder again, since we have seen it in several films and in the current series Gotham. However this is a new continuity and time-period, so it would make sense for Snyder to use that scene to say, "This is how things look in my world." If you recall how inventive the opening to Watchmen is, with the montage of early heroics set to Bob Dylan's, The Times They Are a Changin, the imagination races thinking of what kind of opening Snyder has up his sleeves this time around.

Clark and Lois living together raises a lot of red flags and is even a little hard to believe. It is clear that they were establishing a new set of rules between the two in the first movie. In this continuity, Lois is the first person to figure out Clark's secret. However, how they can be a couple while Superman is publicly saving her and creating international incidents, without arousing suspicion will be interesting.

There weren't many fools in Man of Steel, even Clark's childhood friends seemed to know his secret, they just would never actually admit it. Hopefully Snyder and writer Chris Terrio have an inventive way of Kent disguising himself beyond his glasses.

It isn't made clear how Lex Luthor fits into the picture exactly and we don't know where Doomsday came from. Could Doomsday be Luthor's own form of counter-measures against Superman? Seems like the two are perfectly matched. Heck, it's not even clear who is playing Doomsday. There are still a lot of things to uncover and bring to you soon!

How do you feel about the approach to Superman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? Are you relieved or annoyed that it is an actual sequel to Man of Steel? Let us know on the comment boards!

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