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How old were you when you saw Star Wars? Ten? Maybe older or younger? What did it feel like seeing it? For me it was winter, I remember the snow on the ground. I had to have been nine or ten. Dad and Mom sat us three kids down and told us..."This is what we had growing up. Enjoy!" And enjoy it we did. It was magical, impressive and entertaining. Something I will always remember. Many of you will remember standing in line waiting to see it in theaters. Some of you will be remembering how your parents watched it with you, just like me. The series had an impact on anyone who watched it. It was just that big of a movement in the film industry. This article is about the original series and the impact it had. The original series can't be touched, it just can't. Imagine this, its a gem and its priceless. Nothing can surpass its worth or popularity. That is the original Star Wars trilogy. We can say the films that came after it were great. Okay maybe not that far, but there was something about the original trilogy that gave it this fame. It was the first of its kind. Never before seen ideas put on the silver screen. The effects blew peoples minds and nothing could come close.

Decades ago a movie released in theaters. May 25th 1977 to be exact. It was Star Wars, or later re titled Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Which grew to become on the most recognized series ever. In its first year being released it was inducted into the National Film Registry making the film the most immediate candidate at that time. It was considered to be historically, and culturally significant. This will sound familiar very soon. Total box office was $775.4 million. It was only three years later until the sequel was released.

With an impact Episode IV had the following two had even more of an impact. Lets jump a few years into the future. We leave 1977 and land in 1980. The Empire Strikes back is released and like most sequels has a bumpy start. It received mixed reviews upon its release. But in the time since it has grown esteem and became was in now the most critically acclaimed episode in the saga. It is now considered one of the greatest films ever made. Usually the sequel doesn't suppress its predecessor, but in this case it did. It was the top grossing film of 1980. In 2010 is was selected to be preserved in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. The effects withing the film were breathtaking and was considered to be historically significant. The total box office was $538.4 million. With the sequel doing so well, why not go ahead and make the final film?

How about we leave 1980 and head to 1983? Its May 25th 1983...Oh that seems familiar to you? It should, the first film was released on the same date six years earlier. Although it was a critical and commercial hit, it did not live up to the predecessors. Many thought it was a lesser achievement. With the film making $475.1 million it was the movie at grossed the lest out of the three. The total amount of money the original trilogy was $2,780,702,607. Please note this was during a six year period. That is impressive, for a three films to make that big of an impact. Star Wars has grown in the decades after the original trilogy. A new trilogy was confirmed and the trailer for Star Wars VII was released recently. A new age of creativity has emerged and we will see a whole new trilogy make history like its predecessors. Though nothing can touch the golden trilogy which started the growth of the others. A quote from Yoda...."Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice." The master is the original trilogy and the two other trilogies are the apprentices. For they can never surpass the master.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Anything to add? Your favorite part in the movies, when you first saw the films, a memory to share? Please comment. I would love to hear about them. To all the Creators in the contest, I leave you with one thing....May the Force be with you! One last thing.....Happy Holidays Everyone!


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