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These predictions are purely based on opinion and are my very first attempt at writing something to both entertain as well as invoke thought. Know the best details are near the end.

Marvel has been coy to say the least on their dealings with Sony. With Black Panthers role in Civil War all but set in stone, & infinite possibilities in terms of tacking a Civil War Sequel onto any future MCU character movie; it's not completely unlikely that Marvel can sling spidey into the mix at any given time ( [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) isn't due to begin shooting until May '15). With the recent hacks, I would assume a "shared relationship" deal much like FOX's Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver could be proposed alongside Marvel's 40/60% offer anytime now. I say keep the optimism flowing online and Sony's attentions will deter in our direction.

But Fox on the other hand; much like a child, does not want to put down a toy in a store. Fox has assumed these borrowed properties as their own. They didn't back down pitting X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 against the success of Marvel's 2008 Iron Man release. But X-Men: First Class in 2011, released a year prior to the highly anticipated Marvels Avengers, was an utterly clear statement. It was a statement that they fully intended to reboot the franchise, & they have. No talks in the works, no negotiation rumors floating around as of yet. Marvel has opted to lay back and see it done. Why you ask? It's simple. In my favorite quote on topic Mark Millar states, (while defending the purpose of Fox's MCU)

“You know, they’ll talk about Marvel, ‘Wouldn’t it be brilliant to have everything back under one roof?’ I always say, ‘You would have less movies coming out.’ People don’t realize this. No studio is going to bring out more than three or four movies a year. So you have Guardians of the Galaxy this year, you do [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) next year. So I think the system we’ve got right now is great. & I’m having a nice time with these guys [at Fox].” - Screenrant

Marvel may feel the same way. Although inserting these characters into the current MCU storyline may be the underlining desire, the fans will expect, and Marvel will have to deliver their respective Franchises. Avengers his huge people. THE TEAM. Pushing out Spider-man & X-Men reboots right now isn't even logical. Yes, they could introduce already established characters (i.e. Hawk Eye, The Twins) & more than likely would have if the battle with Fox was less aggravated. When you think about all of the movie's announced until 2020, it should all become quite clear. Fox has only slated 2 more X-Men movies. X-Men: Apocalypse (the very same story line used to complete the '92-'97 animated series) & an untitled Wolverine (both rumored to be an "Old man Logan" story arc as well as Hugh Jackman's final movie as Wolverine). This gives them enough room to finish their franchises. They've also slated not one, but two Fantastic 4 movies of which they have absolutely no inclinations as to whether or not they will have box office success. Marvel's rebuttal? Cancel the Fantastic 4 comic altogether, & even have the cast murdered in a recent Punisher issue. I suspect Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie will never graduate past a single installment (with his current track record), & X Factor?.. Don't make me laugh.. Really.

Marvel can play out their MCU through 2020 without any repercussions. They don't need Spider-man or the X-Men. The Marvel Comic Universe has been rebooted several times in conjunction with their existing franchises. Allow me to explain. Fall of the Mutants & Age of Apocalypse are both similar crossover events. Secret Wars has been done multiple times ('84, '85, '04, & again in '15) & with Dr. Strange being established by 2020 along with possible Defenders TV crossovers, could also give the Avengers a much needed rest. This could open the doors not only for a Spider-man cameo but a Secret Wars movie. You see, while we're all crying over the discrepancies within the MCU (i.e. Spider-mans replacement) we are all failing to see how Fox has dismantled their franchises roots just enough to open the doors for the ultimate Marvel "F.U." (i.e. rebooting each butchered story arc).

Marvel could actively pursue these properties post 2020 and do it right. They could introduce the original 5 X-Men in all their blue and yellow glory! They could include characters such as Wolverine after a well ridden Trilogy into supporting roles as the strong silent type, with short witty rebuttal much like his comic counter part. A character that if used strategically could become more well known in a New Avengers reboot of the franchise perhaps around 2030. But most likely to lay ground for the New Avengers Wolverine would be introduced rather quickly. But why you say? How do we feel this 10 year void you ask? SECRET WARS.

The comic reboot is on its way.

"Running for 12 months, the series begins in May 2015 and will come out of the current AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS Time Runs Out storyline. The basic premise involves pieces of numerous parallel universes being brought together to create a new battleworld to once and for all solve the numerous incursions of universes in the Marvel U over the last few years. Numerous tie in mini series will flesh out the event and many of them will revisit previous Marvel events such as Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Years of Future Past and Armor Wars." Wikipedia

Revisit Civil War?! Age of Apocalypse?! Years of Future Past?! Story-lines all of which were done wrong in our very own Cinematic Universe's by both Marvel & Fox? If Marvel was to retain rights to spider man first (which seems most plausible as of late) they could introduce a battle hardened & widowed Peter Parker (&/or Ultimate Spider-man) into a Secret Wars Storyline with Dr. Strange happening in conjunction with their television domination using The Defenders (because Dr. Strange is a character who is involved in most everything, duh!). This ofcourse would be a great way to end Phase 4.

If they were able to regain the rights to the X-Men by 2025 long after Fox's franchise appears to be running out of material in 2020, they could introduce a trilogy reboot touching on no major events that have taken place in FOX's MCU (i.e. [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942)) but focus mainly on the growth of the group and the characters. They would likely have regained their rights to the Fantastic 4 as well and could begin laying ground. They could end this phase (which would likely only include the 1st of the X-men reboots) with another Secret Wars that revisits the Civil War story arc with Spiderman this time. Afterwards ground has been laid for a relationship between Spiderman, Wolverine, and the existing Avengers roster.. & in come the New Avengers!

I know there's thousands of rumors floating around everyday and you don't know which way to swing. Truth is, nobody knows & Marvel can do anything. My point here is Marvel Studios has plans that reach far beyond what many expect. They've been in the business of Super Heroism since the beginning and they are going nowhere. I assure you all that one day they will retrieve all of their properties, but rest assured that any mistakes they make along the way ( [Black Panther](movie:9047)/Civil War) are all things that if they don't take with the fans, can be corrected in a form or another. WE WILL get to one day see our MCU as a whole, & there is definitely no shortage of crossover events that can be explored (remember FOX's story arcs can be reinterpreted in time as well). Unless your thing is to see 5 movies pushed out in 5 years and rebooted over and over again, then Marvel taking it's time to acquire the X-Men and the others shouldn't be any sweat. Thanks for reading my article guys and please leave your comments, insights, & theories!


How long do you suspect Fox & Marvel Studios will hold out?


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