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When we posted the brand new trailer for Pixar's Inside Out (hitting U.S. theaters in June, 2015), we knew you Pilot's would dig it. Heck, we sure did.

But what we ended up with surprised even the most perceptive among us...

Not even our crystal ball (or whatever that thing is) could help with this one
Not even our crystal ball (or whatever that thing is) could help with this one

Less than a week after the glorious debut of the new trailer, YOU, our Moviepilot faithful, have viewed the video 22 million times on Facebook. You read that right: 22 MILLION TIMES!

If you were wondering who the biggest Pixar fans on the planet are, grab a mirror!

Let's put this into context. By our calculations - as of December 15th - the Inside Out trailer had about 42.5 million views total: 11.6 million on YouTube, 23.3 million on Facebook, plus somewhere in the 7.5 million range on iTunes, where all Pixar releases debut their trailers. (*Disclaimer: iTunes doesn't share view counts with the public, so we're basing this approximation on average trailer response through Apple.)

Basically - if you watched the Inside Out trailer on Facebook, you saw it through Moviepilot, either here on our Facebook Main Page, or here on our Animation Page.

And when you look at the big picture, the numbers tell a pretty unbelievable story. Moviepilot accounted for around 52% of all trailer views for Inside Out; half the audience who watched this trailer saw it right here on MP!

We knew you guys were Pixar fans, but looks like Inside Out really struck a chord. Or maybe we just found your version of this lovely lady:

Hi Joy! You look nice!
Hi Joy! You look nice!

Thanks Disney and Pixar, for once again giving us something AMAZING to look forward to. And even though you've probably already watched it, here's the Inside Out trailer again for your viewing pleasure!


How excited are you for Inside Out next June?


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