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Almost exactly a year from now we will all be cramming into theaters eagerly waiting to see the new Star Wars Episode 7. For some of us it's been 10 years since seeing one in theaters while a new generation will have the opportunity to see it on the big screen for the very first time.

I have one big question though. Will a new Star Wars movie ever meet our expectations?

A few weeks ago the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens dropped and I thought the internet might actually break. Everyone was either crying in excitement or picking it apart because that's what we do now as movie nerds. I've seen trailers cause a ton of different reactions but for a teaser trailer? I've never seen so many people jump up to say something in a long time. I'll admit I watched the trailer at least 5 times I was really pleased.

However, there was a co-worker and friend of mine who watched the trailer about 5 times in the matter of 10 minutes. She started questioning almost every detail and before long just wasn't happy with it. I like to remind her and others online IT IS A TEASER TRAILER! We all should just take a breath and enjoy that Lucas isn't writing or directing this film. Maybe, we should wait until a full length trailer is released OR how about until we see the entire movie?

With J.J. Abrams in charge I'm pretty content on what the final film will be. However, will we ever get a Star Wars film that gives us the same magical feeling the original trilogy did? For some generations I'm not so sure. We worship the originals on a pedestal. Rightfully so, the Star Wars name has been around almost 40 years. Generation after generation of families have enjoyed the wonderment of this sci-fi adventure. It literally changed film history by being one of the first blockbusters EVER.

Opposed to comparing every film we should enjoy each for what they give us. Personally, the prequel trilogy will always hold a special place in my heart because Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars film in theaters when I was just 7 years old. Sure, they had misfires with the corny dialogue and goofy parts like Jar-Jar Binks . However, they gave us some phenomenal light-saber battles and some emotional moments. When they executed "order 66" and all those Jedi were being killed? I was tearing up. That sh*t was rough. I was like 13 alright?

What kind of moment will have to happen to top the original trilogy? The prequel trilogy was bogged down by the fact that we kinda knew where the story would eventually end up. This time around we are getting a brand new story with some familiar faces but most importantly brand new characters. We will be getting a totally new vision without Lucas involved. These will be new movies.

So in my personal opinion I think these movies will really heal the wounds the prequel trilogy gave some fans. It'll be a fresh take on a franchise many believed was going to fade into obscurity like other older classics like a Terminator. I would have to give a whole new article discuss the mis-handling of that property.

But what do you guys think? Can the classics ever be beat or is new always better? Please comment below so we can discuss!

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Can the Original Trilogy ever be topped?


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