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Since the midseason finale of The Flash, season 1, premiered - there has been quite a bit of buzz about Reverse Flash, Professor Zoom, Hunter Zolomon and Harrison Wells. If you're like me, you haven't been able to silence your mind on this very topic.

Spoilers below. Continue with your own discretion.

The midseason finale was chalk full of goodies and awesomeness, especially for fans of the Flash comic books, themselves. One thing in particular, we get to see [The Flash](series:1068303) and Reverse Flash duke it out - causing nerds watching the show everywhere, to geek out - not just once, but twice! And, in the second fight, Firestorm makes an appearance and saves Barry from the hands of his evil adversary.

Now, dialing back a bit, who was surprised to see Harrison Wells put the speedster ring on and then open the doors to reveal the anticipated identity of the Reverse Flash? At this point, you'd have to be in denial to believe he isn't, in fact, "The Man In The Yellow Suit". If you're like me, you were in denial and you did need more proof. If none of that was enough, Harrison Wells utters "Merry Christmas" in a distorted voice, akin to The Flash vibrating his vocal chords when he speaks to Iris.

What does all this mean? Some fans say that this is a clear reveal that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. Some say it's a red herring of sorts, along with a slue of different theories in between. My personal theory has more to do with Eddie, and Wells as an antagonist. I'm still not sold that Wells is Reverse Flash; to me, that seems too easy and rather obvious. Also, this is only the midseason finale, leaving us with much more to be discovered.

Back to my theory. If you've read the comics, heard Flash chatter or anything of that nature, you probably know the obvious similarities between the Reverse Flash in the comics and Eddie in the TV show. I won't go into all of it but, there are many different Reverse Flashes in the comics with a lot of confusing time travel and such. Though I've been a Flash fan since my childhood, I'm still not totally up and up on the intricacies of Reverse Flash details. Kinda like how LOST - though I loved it and I understood a good chuck of it - made me feel more lost than the characters on the show, half of the time. So, I may not be 100% on the details of the source martial I'm using for my theories, but I'll do my best with the knowledge I've got and the thoughts that I've developed. Whelp, here I go...

This is my fan-made theory. None of it is presumed The Flash Universe fact.

I'm thinking, the charming love interest of Iris West, Eddie Thawne, is Eobard Thawne - one version of Reverse Flashes from the comics. This would make things quite awkward and complicated, if it were true. It's pretty clear that Eddie is a good guy, caring towards Iris, dedicated detective and tries to be understanding about Barry's crush on Iris. But, I'm guessing Eddie is already Reverse Flash and hiding it very well underneath all that "goodguy-ness". If this is the case, his anti Flash Taskforce would be all the more nuanced with his personal agenda to destroy The Flash. Going back to the scene where Reverse Flash is caught in StarLabs - Eddie is pretending that he thinks the one they caught is The Flash. In this scenario, we have Detective Eddie Thawne, Reverse Flash; "the man in the yellow suit", Eobard Thawne; and Wells, or "Wheelchair Wells". What if "the man in the yellow suit" was Eobard Thawne, aka Eddie from the future? Or even crazier - Eddies future great grandson?!

Then, you ask, who is Wheelchair Wells in your theory? Well, perhaps he is Hunter Zolomon aka the Reverse Flash. Hunter Zolomon was a friend of Wally West; a future Flash, relative of Berry Allen. He was also, ironically enough, paralyzed from the waist down and asked Wally West to go back in time and prevent his injury from happening. Wally wouldn't comply. But, unlike Eobard Thawn, Zolomon had an affinity for Wally. So, what if Wheelchair Wells is from the future - the Wally West's timeline - trying to make sure Barry stays on track to becoming the legendary Flash and, perhaps, right the wrongs of his future self? I know all this is quite confusing.

Yes, Hunter Zolomon and Eobard Thawn are both Reverse Flash. Difference is, Eobard Thawn always seemed a bit more evil to me than Zolomon. While dark and always orchestrating his plans as a means to progress in his own selfish agenda - Zolomon shares the same likability Wheelchair Wells receives in the show.

I'm excited to find out what happens! The writers have proved they know how to inject twists and surprises into the show, rather well. And, this is still the first season; anything can change! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Bonus Question: is Harrison Wells a red herring or Reverse Flash?


Who do you think "The Man In The Yellow Suit" is?


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