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Rendel is a comic character created by the director Jesse Haaja 16 years ago in Finland.

Now, over a decade after the first sketches, the masked avenger Rendel (refers to the Hungarian word order) is about to hit the cinemas. Rendel will be the first Finnish superhero movie ever and it has already drawn a great deal of attention and positive fan feedback.

The movie has proceeded in a good tailwind and the director has decided to bring forward its publication. Originally, the movie was intended to be released in 2017, but now Haaja is certain that it will get its premiere during the year 2016.

The film is starred by Kris Gummerus as Rendel - Matti Onnismaa as Mr. Erola - Rami Rusinen as Rotikka - Alina Tomnikov as Marla - Minttu Tamski as Anette and Roosamaria Mäkinen as Enni. More will follow.

Matti Onnismaa is "Erola"
Matti Onnismaa is "Erola"

Independent Finnish Super Hero Movie, In Finnish.

The unique concept in the European framework, together with an interesting and distinguished main character.

The style of the movie will surprise or may even come as a shock to many of the viewers. Especially when you are anticipating shots with special effects, which are very typical for this genre. Early on when we started the production, I decided that we will not be shooting any green screen material. All scenes would be shot in real locations with stunts and acting performed by real actors. In my opinion this style is best described as "fictive realism". We want to make this movie like it was originally envisioned: a Finnish super hero movie, in Finnish.

Alina Tomnikov is "Marla"
Alina Tomnikov is "Marla"

Our first teaser trailer received a lot of attention due to the reasons just mentioned. You could even say that it has divided the viewers into two camps. Those who liked it and those who did not and ended up feeling slightly confused. There has also been a lot of discussion around our decision to make a slow paced trailer, rather than the more traditional black-picture-black-picture-boom-boom-boom-epic music-boom-logo style. This was not unexpected.

"Rendel takes what I like to call the Devil Wears Prada approach to the trailer, in that it simply shows a short clip directly from the film, as opposed to slicing up a heavily edited montage from disparate scenes. You can get a real tangible impression of the film from trailers like this, and Rendel goes heavy on the sense of pervasive darkness—literally."
-The Dissolve-
Rami Rusinen is "Rotikka"
Rami Rusinen is "Rotikka"

Most of the feedback we received has been good regardless and we've received plenty of constructive criticism which we have tried to react to as good as possible. This kind of interaction is absolutely necessary for a production like Rendel, and we are very grateful to all who have taken the effort to give us feedback. Rendel fans from across the globe have made this possible and their wishes will be taken into consideration as much as possible.

Now we're waiting for the dust to settle after the first teaser, and early next year we will publish new material, which may positively surprise those who were disappointed after our first release. Or not, who knows.

Rendel is played by Kris Gummerus
Rendel is played by Kris Gummerus

Lifelong dream

The Rendel movie is Jesse Haaja’s lifelong dream, which is now coming true. Haaja announced the movie in late March 2014 and during the past six months the project has proceeded faster than anyone expected: the lead actors, including well-known Finnish names, have been attached, the preliminary manuscript is ready and the locations have been chosen.

Even though Rendel can be considered as a superhero, he is somewhat darker than the traditional representatives of the genre. Rendel will be a story of a man blinded by revenge and hatred.
First Rendel Promotional Photo /  Aschan & Haaja
First Rendel Promotional Photo / Aschan & Haaja

The minimum budget required (140 000€) for the production has already brought together ensuring that the movie will be published with 100% certainty. However, extra finance for the marketing is still required to exploit the commercial potential of the movie.

Be part of our dream, we can do this!


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