ByDipesh Mohanty, writer at

So we all know that dc is going crazy with it's properties on television.So far we got Arrow and The Flash which are killing it,Gotham,Constantine and iZombie which is coming out next year.Recently we've gotten to know that there is a Teen Titans show in the works and filming will start early 2015.The show will star Nightwing and other classic titan members.The various members of the teen titans are Firestar,Raven,Beastboy,Red Arrow. Since Red Arrow is already a major player on Arrow played by Colton Haynes,will he be reprising his role on the Teen Titans show?It would be good to see him on the show since he's done a terrific job and seeing another actor would be a waste.In my opinion they should just spin-off the Teen Titans show from Arrow,but that's unlikely since arrow airs on the CW network and the Teen Titans show is gonna air on TNT unless they allow for a crossover?Let me know what you guys think in the comments section.


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