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  • OK you guys must be starting to get really annoyed about "sh*t another batman fan boy article not again ........please....." . but please keep reading it and you will understand why. i am a fan of both DC and Marvel comics and i am not biased towards either side or any characters.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE SEE ABOUT HIM : He is a dark hero (almost antihero if some say like punisher but a bit refined in dealing justice ), mostly ventures in night , has a lot of cool gadgets and vehicles , beats up criminals ruthlessly,violates the law, has a brilliant mind when it comes to solving puzzles , is a billionaire playboy , etc.

now you guys must be asking how can he be the greatest hero ever..?? i mean look at him just man underneath a mask , violent methods, whats he got to hide under that mask, ....huh ?? why does he always comes out at night and not in the broad daylight like "SUPERMAN "


1) THE "BEST "tactician in the planet if you say so,also i am not saying this cyborg says in the "flash point paradox" .

2) Sacrifices his almost entire his entire life to protect the city he loves most and tries to enact his justice on the criminal fraternity.and he even says to Rachel in Batman Begins :

It's not who I am underneath... but what I "do"... that defines me.

3) He is a HUMAN : that's what makes him most believable character as far as it comes to comics .but he has a lot of other abilities :

Abilities :

1. Genius-level intellect

2. Peak physical and mental conditioning

3. Master martial artist, acrobat, detective, escapologist, strategist, swordsman, tactician, and marksman

4. Use of high-tech equipment, weapons, armors, & gadgets

5. Master of stealth

6. Master of disguise

7. Advanced scientific and technological proficiency

8. Excellent observational skills

9. Access to vast wealth and criminal records

10.Trained computer hacker

11.Photographic memory

and the list goes on........

4) He is a "SYMBOL" we can look up to : i know i know you guys must screaming out by now .... what?????????????? he is a not a symbol we look up to "SUPERMAN IS ".

"It's not an 'S'. On my world, it means hope."
"It's not an 'S'. On my world, it means hope."

BUT ..... superman is an alien form an outer world and has super abilities but batman is just a "human" and he never gives up which we all should do in real life. time and again we have seen that batman's greatest powers are two: "FEAR" and "STRONG WILLPOWER". and not super strength or heat vision or etc. bruce gives us the best explanation also :

Bruce Wayne : People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can't do that as Bruce Wayne. As a man, I'm flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed; but as a symbol... as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.

5) BATMAN can beat "ANYTHING/ANYONE ": yeah ......he can beat anything but its just a "symbolic" interpretation of what we are capable of that is we should not give up and if we can keep up our strength and willpower and we can overcome our hurdles of life.he even single handedly neutralized the entire justice league and even himself if it comes to that kind of situation.

no ....not this kind of hurdle but close enough
no ....not this kind of hurdle but close enough

6) He never "KILLS" : yes as he has said it time and again that he is a judge and jury but "NOT" a executioner . that is very much evident from the fact that he never killed his greatest archenemy "The Joker " even after the joker hurt him and his bat - family so many times: killed robin, paralyzed ORACLE , etc, and killed countless lives, but every time he let the joker lived even after so much of chaos ,destruction ,madness ,death he brought in the gotham city.


Now some people has said that its ridiculous after so many times he let him lived but as humans we are not the one to take a life cause we can't give life its up to GOD to decide. this fact is even clear from the ending of batman arkham city


if you haven't played arkham city

Batman: You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you.

The Joker: [laughs, coughs] That actually is... pretty funny...

7) THE MASK : many people have wondered why does wears a mask?? whats he got to hide??? well the explanation batman gives is the best :

spot on man
spot on man

he wears the mask just to protect the people he loves or basically the whole city of people he has pledged to protect and also to seed fear into the heart of criminals . and the biggest reason is to wear his "TRUE FACE" while bruce wayne is the real mask he wears to mislead people.

gives me the chills
gives me the chills

8) Playboy Billionaire Attitude : He intentionally maintains a outward playboy, billionaire look because bruce wayne is the "Real Mask" he wears to hide his pain, grief, sadness he has been dealing since the death of his parents. he can't even lead a normal life because to him living with someone, marrying , having a child , etc all other family ties are distraction to the greater goal he is set to achieve that is" JUSTICE" and to him justice has to be achieved at all dear cost even it means sacrificing everything a normal person wants. Nobody asked him to be the caped crusader or save the city from criminals but hes still does it and never asks for anything in return. At the end of "Batman Begins" Commissioner Gordon says " i never said thank you " to which batman replies :

So what you guys think ?? is this enough convincing to justify that he is the best or have i missed something ? please feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.


Is "BATMAN" the greatest superhero ever ?


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