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Good news, Bat-fans - especially everyone who's ever choked up at the sight of a young Bruce Wayne tragically losing his parents! Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice - though principally focused on an older Batman than usual - is set to feature at least one scene starring a young Bruce Wayne.

The big difference? This time we might be seeing a very different side to young Master Bruce...

A recent casting call for a movie that is very much Batman vs. Superman has revealed that - not only is the movie looking for a young Bruce Wayne - presumably for upcoming reshoots - but that whoever they cast needs to have martial arts training. As OneHeadlightInk announced:

"Midthunder Casting is conducting a talent search for a Warner Brothers feature film which will heavily feature two young boys in SAG principal roles; one Caucasian 12 year old boy (to portray a young Ben Affleck) and one Caucasian 10 year old boy.
Both boys must have extensive WUSHU, KUNG FU, or PENCAK SILAT training and experience; however, they will consider high level (state – world champion) competitors in all martial arts forms."

Which, it seems, suggests three key things:

1. Young Bruce Wayne WILL Be in Batman vs. Superman

And, intriguingly, he obviously wasn't originally planned to be, what with the casting only happening now.

2. Bruce's Training Will Start Earlier Than Usual

Bat-fans used to Bruce Wayne not finding the Batman within until adulthood (as tends to be the case in movie versions of the hero) might well be surprised to see that - from the sounds of it - Bruce will be beginning his training much earlier than usual.

So much earlier, in fact, that he'll either be an accomplished martial artist - or on his way to become one - by the age of 12.

Which sounds a whole lot more like the origin story told recently in the Legends of the Dark Knight digital comic - written by Joshua Williamson - that saw a young Bruce dragging Alfred around the world in search of adventure - and training.

The big question I have now, though?

3. Who's That Other Kid?

Specifically, who's that 10 year old caucasian martial arts expert who's also being cast supposed to be?

My best guess? We might just be set to see a - more martial-art influenced - Tommy Elliot, a.k.a. the future Bat-villain Hush, in the movie. After all, he's the only notable (male, caucasian) childhood friend Bruce had...

And, if so, could that be a setup for a future Batman solo movie? Hush is one of the most notable Bat-villains to still not have made it to the big screen, after all...

What do you guys think, though?


Which possible hint from the young Bruce Wayne casting call are you most excited about?



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