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Love the Avengers? Love Lego? Love the combination of the two? Well then, the newly leaked Lego catalog for 2015 (the German one, in fact) is set to bring you a whole lot of pre-Christmas cheer: It features details of the brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego sets that we're going to see in the Spring...

What's more, those same sets might just contain a couple of key hints about what we can expect to see in the final movie - including what looks like it might be a pretty key plot twist...

The best part? You can check the sets out for yourself, just below!

So, we're talking...

Lego Hulkbuster Armor

Which, from the looks of it, is set to showcase a face-off between Iron Man, The Hulk, and Ultron Prime. Which, presumably, is the version of Ultron we saw at the end of the recent trailer. The key hints there? Well, for one thing, that Ultron is presumably involved in that whole 'Hulk Going Crazy' deal. It also seemingly suggests that The Scarlet Witch might just be involved. Could she be responsible for Hulk going wild?

Lego Hawkeye and Thor Fighting HYDRA presumably a chase sequence in the movie - though, this being Lego after all, not necessarily one that features vehicles that look anything like that.

Lego HYDRA Castle

Which suggests two things: One, that we might just see Quicksilver suit up earlier in the movie than previously expected (which may suggest he's fighting the Avengers at this point). Two, that Baron von Strucker (top right, with the scepter) totally now exists as a Lego minifig. Which is awesome.

Lego Iron Man Fighting Ultron

Or, rather, from the looks of the captions on the main image, Lego Iron Man fighting two of Ultron's hench-robots. Which could probably be based on pretty much any scene in the movie - though, from the looks of it, one set in a small town somewhere...

Lego Quinjet

Which, crucially, sees 'Ultimate' Ultron (so, an upgraded, later in the movie version, presumably) take on The Avengers. Along with a Vision minifig that I'm now officially a little bit obsessed with.

And, finally, and most intriguingly...

Lego Avengers Tower

Which, aside from looking awesome, might just tease a pretty major set piece from the movie - and a few key elements of that.

See those Iron Man-headed white minifigs? Like the one in the top left, being shot at by Avengers Tower? According to the German Lego catalog, they're Iron Legion Komplize - which roughly translates to Iron Legion Accomplices.

Which is...what exactly? My first thought was that they're part of Iron Man's plans to bring security to the world - but from the looks of it, they're the ones attacking the building. Could they be part of Ultron's army?

And, if so - why does one of them have Loki's scepter? Anyone want to bet that was the reason for a key (say, end of the second act) assault on Avengers Tower by Ultron?

And, if he has the scepter - there's no telling what he could do...

Tonight, Pinky, we try to take over the world!
Tonight, Pinky, we try to take over the world!

Or, of course, Lego might have used a whole lot of creative license, and the new sets could just be slightly misleading. That scepter, though? That sure seems like it's saying something pretty big...

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego?

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