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Marvel - What would we do without you. You've created all the memories we love. Oh, and Deadpool. But what about movies. What are those few movies that really hit the ball out of the park - If there even were some. So lets review THE TOP 5 MARVEL MOVIES EVER TO HIT THEATRES. Sorry Age of Ultron and the Deadpool film. You'll have to wait.

#5: X-Men: Days of Future Past:

If you haven't watched this then DO IT.
If you haven't watched this then DO IT.

Ok, so let me explain. There are about a gazillion X-Men films in this franchise, not to mention the solo Wolverine movies as well. "X Men Origins - Wolverine" totally bombed at the Box Office mainly because of it's Deadpool interpretation. Then came "Wolverine", which was what the Wolverine needed - a violent film to show his true self. But this was the point where it hit Marvel that almost no one was interested in X-Men. That was, ofcourse, when we realized they were Marvel. Wait a few years and "X-Men: Days of Future Past" comes out. Not only is this the best X-Men film because of it's over-the-top action and effects, but also how clever this film was. I have to say, I applauded how they somehow fit Wolverine into the script was spectacular. Basically, times have changed and the Sentinals ( Huge Space-Age Titans ) have taken over, and they are unstoppable. Skip forward a few years and they have dominated, wiping out almost all Mutants and Humans in the process. This is where the X-Men crew realize they need to go back in time and stop Mystique from killing the founder of the Sentinals, because that day, they also took MYSTIQUE and took samples from her to create these Undefeatable Sentinals. But no-one can survive this trip back in time - It's gut-wrenching. "What if someone who heals as fast as he rips were to go back in time". Yes, those were Hugh Jackman's exact words. So the Wolverine is the only candidate. This is a clever tale from which Wolvrine enounters many foes and friends, all back in 1973. I won't spoil much more, but it is definitely a movie you shouldn't miss. At all.

#4: The Amazing Spiderman:

The first ever poster for the new movie that I saw.
The first ever poster for the new movie that I saw.

So why didn't I choose the Tobey Maguire classic 3? Mainly because they just didn't beat this first one. Sure, the 2nd one in this Sony franchise screwed up, but this one just left me scarred. Andrew Garfield is a perfect casting for Spiderman, and that is one of the main enjoyments of this film. No matter how many times we see the original 3, this one brings more to the table. The special effects are enjoyable, while the acting is more than enough to get you into it. And of course, there is a little bit of Marvel comedy here and there. The main reason the 2nd one isn't on this list is because it was more or less THE SAME. ut this one wasn't - it was a new magical experience. The original Tobey Maguire Spiderman was, in my opinion, quite nerdy ( sorry Tobey ). So we've seen the Nerdy Spidey, but what about a cool dude Spidey for a change? They did it, and it worked PERFECTLY.

#3: The Avengers:

The poster we all dreamed of
The poster we all dreamed of

This movie is what we all dreamed of. We had always wondered what happened when Tony Stark's ego met the rust of Captain America's shield. Avengers is not only the movie of our dreams, but it is executed perfectly. From the cutting-edge effects to the sharp humor, it has everything we ever wanted. And it is also the film that granted Marvel the access from us to play around with our beloved characters in any way possible. It has all the action, and a decent storyline as well. It has Loki, Thor's fan-loved brother plays another villanous plot to steal a source of power and Shield needs Earth's Mightiest Heroes to get him DOWN. Iron Man and Cap's arguments keep the film fresh while Hulk's do-it-my-way ego keeps things real while The Shield's old-fashioned Guns-without-powers keep it paced.

#2: Iron Man 3:

The spectacle known as Iron Man 3
The spectacle known as Iron Man 3

Ok, so let me explain. Iron Man 3, is, and always will be, the best Marvel solo film. It is an EXCELLENT way to top off all the great Iron Man films we've had in the past. It's a great mix of all we love about Iron Man. We had the first Iron Man, which was one of Iron Man's greatest Story-rich movies. Then there was Iron Man 2, the movie which defined Action which it's plot-ignoring stunts and extreme depth in movement. But Iron Man 3 was the turn where they showed Real Emotion. The film starts off with everything Stark ever loved being taken away from him and his suits going against him. That's when an emotional phone cal goes to his wife saying "I have to fix what I have created". That is where the main plot for the story begins. Iron Man is truly "Iron Man" in this one of a kind thrilling action flick which I will personally remember for the ages. It's an automatic Modern Classic.

AND #1......................................

Wait for it.

Keep waiting.

Just a little more.


#1: Guardians of The Galaxy:

Guardians of the Galaxy! This film took the top spot for not only being such a unique Marvel flick, but for also being one of the most perfect movies ever, period. Lets start off with the effects. This film is BEAUTIFUL. All the planets roaming in harmony around Drax as he destroys anything in his path is quite a sight. The acting is spot-on with Chris Pratt providing his charm and Dave Bautista's under-experience perfect for his insane role. The music is one of it's best parts. James Gunn has really hit the jackpot since the beginning of the film when "Hooked on a Feeling" is introduced and we already know this film is gonna be GOOD. The classics really fit the mood and it's the best work of music I've ever seen. The action is INTENSE as the camera's roll around in effect as enemies are thrown around. This film also has a perfect sense for comedy as Groot and Rocket provide fun and laughs at the most bizarre of times and Star Lord's ego just being enjoyable all the way. I have to say, Marvel have hit the jackpot with this flick which just happens to be their best.

But I'm no Movie Critic. YOU guys tell US what you think. Down below, tell me what were YOUR favorite Marvel flicks? Make it good, as your opinion counts, and it could be taken into consideration for our next Top 5.


What's YOUR Favourite Marvel Film Ever?


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