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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Judging by the continuing popularity of movies like The Planet of the Apes, it seems that we're fascinated by the connection between monkeys and humans. But what about the famous 'missing link' theory? That elusive extra evolutionary step between simians and humans has intrigued scientists and the public for generations - and some think they've found it...

Photos from 1937 have surfaced of an 'Ape Man'

The pictures appeared in the Dutch magazine Het Leven in 1937, but have recently experienced a wave of interest on the internet.

There seem to be three popular opinions online

1) This is a human with deformities, being exploited by cynical money-grubbers.

2) This is a human wearing prosthetics, part of the hoax.

3) This is the real 'missing link' ape man.

There are many other 'missing link' photos

On the left is a 1980 photo from explorer C. Thomas Biscardi, who searched for 'Big Foot.' The image on the right was taken in 1920 by Swiss geologist Francois De Loys during an oil prospecting trip to Venezuela.

Whatever your opinion, these photos are interesting...

I guess there are some things that we just WANT to believe...

I need you guys to help me decide... is this 'ape man' the real missing link, or just a guy wearing prosthetics? You decide!


What do you think these photos show?

Sources: The Daily Mail, Reddit


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