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Christmas is pretty much synonymous with vegging out on the couch and watching your favorite movie for the 17th time, but you might not be as much of a seasonal specialist as you think you are!

Festive movies are bursting at the seams full with insane trivia and easter eggs, the question is, how many of the fun facts below do you already know? Check out our Christmas movie trivia below.

13. Christmas Connoisseur!

Two of the best Christmas movies of all time have an unlikely connection, thanks to the former child actor, Peter Billingsley.

The child star who played the young Ralphie in A Christmas Story also makes an uncredited appearance in Elf as a grown adult. Consider my mind officially blown.

12. Back to the Polar Express

Polar Express and Back to the Future share a director (Robert Zemeckis), and a little bit of sneaky dialogue too!

When Hero Boy pulls the cord that sounds the train horn, he says, "I've wanted to do that my whole life," which is exactly the same line Doc delivers when he sounds the horn in Back to the Future III.

11. Grinch and Bear it

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is probably my favorite festive movie, but it definitely isn't Jim Carrey's!

The prosthetic make-up that transformed the exuberant actor into the Grinch took 3 hours to apply and the latex was so horribly claustrophobic that Carrey was trained by a Navy SEAL so he could cope with the confinement.

A succession of counseling sessions on torture-resistant techniques helped Carrey learn to manage the uncomfortable restrictions.

10. Christmas Story Sleepover

Fans of A Christmas Story better get saving for next year because you can actually spend Christmas in the very house where the movie was shot.

The house was purchased for $150,000 in 2005 and lovingly restored to be a mirror image of the house seen on film in both its interior and exterior.

Each year there is an eBay auction to where enthusiasts can bid on the chance to spend two nights living in the house from 24-25 December. Winners get to bring a group of four to stay in the house and open traditional presents (including BB guns) in the living room.

This year the prize went for a kingly $6,016.40.

9. Seasonal Similarities

The costumes in Elf were designed to mirror those in 1964's Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer animated special.

8. Tidings of Comfort

The iconic scene in Home Alone where Kevin recoils in horror at the picture of Buzz's girlfriend isn't exactly what it seems...

Director Chris Columbus decided that mocking an innocent young girl's appearance was too cruel, so he asked teenage boys if they wanted to dress up as the photogenically challenged lady.

The boy in the photo is actually the art director's son trying to look as ugly as possible.

7.Time Traveling Skellington

Jack Skellington seems to predict his very creation in Beetlejuice, but Tim Burton fans know that this festive fiend had existed for a lot longer than Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Skellington was originally born in the form of a poem by Burton back in 1982. But despite Burton's job as a Disney animator, the studio wasn't interested in adapting it for screen at the time. The first verse reads:

It was late one fall in Halloweenland,

and the air had quite a chill.

Against the moon a skeleton sat,

alone upon a hill.

He was tall and thin with a bat bow tie;

Jack Skellington was his name.

He was tired and bored in Halloweenland

Burton was clearly very fond of the character that he had created because he hid the character in his second directorial feature, the 1988 movie, Beetlejuice.

If you want to know where to look out for Jack's true cinematic debut, keep your eyes peeled for Jack's distinctive skull on Beetlejuice's carnival hat!

6. Jack And The Giant Peach

While we are on the topic of unexpected Jack Skellington cameos, the Nightmare Before Christmas legend also made an appearance in James and the Giant Peach as a pirate underwater.

5. Secret Santa

Unbeknown to most parade watchers, Edmund Gwenn who played Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street also played Santa Claus in the actual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held November 28, 1946.

4. It's Actually Love!

The airport greeting footage at the beginning and end of the Love Actually is actually real. Richard Curtis had a team of cameramen film at Heathrow airport for a week, and whenever they saw a truly romantic reunion, they asked the lovers involved for permission to use the footage. Awww!

3. I Get By With a Little Belch From My Friend

Buddy's infamous 12 second long belch was supplied by the voice actor who also played 'The Brain,' from the animated cartoon Pinky and the Brain, Maurice LaMarche.

2. Do I Snow You From Somewhere?

If you live in Chicago, you might have been closer to an integral part of the Home Alone set than you'd ever imagined.

The wax and plastic artificial snow used on the movie was donated to the Lyric Opera of Chicago and it has been used in numerous productions since then.

1. Die Real German

Don't worry, we wouldn't dream of leaving the greatest Christmas movie of all time out of this equation!

Ironically, Die Hard's all American hero, Bruce Willis, is actually more German than most of the villains. The actor was born in West Germany to an American father and a German mother, whereas Alan Rickman is British and Alexander Godunov is Russian.


Did any of this awesome festive trivia surprise you?

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