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Check out these amazing Disney princesses who have come to life thanks to the very talented artist, Claire-Lena McKinley.

McKinley has taken four of our favorite Disney princesses and imagined what they might look like if they were human, ya know, rather than animated.

The results speak for themselves, and the only comment I have to give is: where can I see more?!

Check them out for yourself:

Ariel and Flounder

The lighting on her hair, the cute little flounder, arghhh it's all too much!

Made by Claire-Lena McKinley


This is exactly how I imagine Cinderella to look, very delicate and royal looking - though she's still remembered her roots and isn't afraid of a little mouse friend.

Made by Claire-Lena McKinley


I get a bit of a Natalie Portman vibe from this take on Belle, not that that's a bad thing! I love that she's still got her blue ribbon and is pictured with the enchanted rose.

Made by Claire-Lena McKinley

Snow White

Porcelain skin, black hair, red ribbon and apple...Yep, it's definitely Snow White!

Made by Claire-Lena McKinley


Which is your favorite artwork?

Source: DeviantArt


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