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Have you ever stopped to think about which Hogwarts house some of your favorite Disney characters would be sorted into? No? Well, lucky for us the very talented Finnish artist Ida Mikkonen has!

Way back in 2011 Mikkonen imagined which Disney Princesses would belong to which Hogwarts house, mashing up Disney and Harry Potter in the most perfect way!

Because these artworks were created over three years ago Elsa, Anna and Merida are missing from the group, but the 12 that she has created are truly awesome.

Take a look for yourself and vote below each of the four house groups:

The Hufflepuffs

Ah Hufflepuff house! Founded by Helga Hufflepuff, students sorted into this house value hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play above all else. The Badger is the Hufflepuff symbol, and yellow and black are the house colors.

Check out which Disney girls would be sorted into Hufflepuff:


Why? Cinderella had a very tough life until she met her prince, she worked very hard for little reward, but manages to rise above her situation and doesn't let anger or sorrow get the best of her - just like a true Hufflepuff.

Snow White

Why? Snow White is quite a naive Disney character, but she's very loving and loyal to the seven dwarves as well. Her tough life shows she isn't afraid of hard toil. She would fit in perfectly in Hufflepuff.


Why? This honest and hard working princess has Hufflepuff written all over her! She is also quite artistic and I can't help but think that type of person is drawn to Hufflepuff house.


Why? Tiana basically worked her whole life to achieve her dream of opening a restaurant, it's that kind of dedication that makes her the perfect Hufflepuff.


Why? Aurora is kind, shy and loyal, she is also slightly naive and carefree, making her a good candidate for Hufflepuff house.


Do you agree with the Hufflepuff choices?

The Ravenclaws

Wise old Ravenclaw house was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw. This house favors wit, learning, and wisdom in its members. The eagle is the symbol and the colors are blue and bronze.

Have a look to see who would make the grade and be sorted into Ravenclaw:


Why? Duh - what Disney character loves books more than Belle?! Thanks to her voracious reading, Belle has a huge vocabulary and an open mind - not to mention a big IQ, all the perfect ingredients for a Ravenclaw member!


Why? A general, all around smart cookie, Kida would be a great addition to Ravenclaw, not to mention the fact that she is around 8,600 years old- you gotta be pretty wise after all those years!


Do you agree with the Ravenclaw choices?

The Slytherins

Slytherins, those cunning folks! Slytherin was founded by Salazar Slytherin and those bound for the house are usually cunning, resourceful, and ambitious types. The symbol of Slytherin is a snake and the colors are green and silver.

See who would be sorted into this house:


Why? Jasmine is the perfect Slytherin - she's very cunning and resourceful, tricking the villain at the ideal moment in order to help Aladdin get the lamp back. She's strong minded, slightly manipulative and very ambitious, all great Slytherin qualities.


Why? She makes a deal with the main villain in her film (Ursula) and went behind the back of her father, King Triton, to get what she wanted, showing just how ambitious and resourceful she was.


Do you agree with the Slytherin choices?

The Gryffindors

Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Founded by Godric Gryffindor, those that are sorted into this house are courageous, chivalrous and determined beyond belief. The symbol of Gryffindor is a lion and the colors are red and gold.

Take a look at the choices for Gryffindor house:


Why? Simply, she was totally willing to sacrifice herself for love. Very brave and courageous.


Why? Brave and courageous enough to go into war on her father's behalf, Mulan has Gryffindor written all over her!


Why? Giselle is a little bit of a Neville, I wasn't quite so sure she was meant for Gryffindor but then BAM at the end of the film she became the first Disney princess to save her prince - she definitely deserves to be sorted into Gryffindor house!


Do you agree with the Gryffindor choices?

Source: ida_buta on DeviantArt


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