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The Mickey Mouse gang all seem to have had a bit of a career change, and I'm not sure if their parents would approve of their new 'professions'...

So, let's step into the dark mind of the talented Darko Kreculj and see what this Serbian artist sees when he looks into the crystal ball and envisages the Disney crews' future!

Goof Doggy Dogg

For some reason, you remind me of somebody...

Mickey Lout

The whole shorts and gloves thing makes a whole lot more sense when you have a bod like that to showcase!

Donald, what the F**k?!

Donald hasn't been the same since Daisy divorced his abusive ass.

Muscular Mutt

Sorry, pit bulls. It looks like Pluto's usurped you to become the ultimate tough guy dog now.

For Petes Sake!

...That is not appropriate attire for Granny's 80th, Pete!

Minxy Mouse

I have a sneaking suspicion Minnie might have fallen in with the wrong crowd. I'm looking at you Goof Dog!


Are you a fan of dark Disney fan art?

(Source: Trend Hunter via Darko Kreculj)


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