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Disney princesses are often presented as pinnacles of virtue, but these endlessly appealing characters are far from perfect.

An artist named Chris Hill has been exploring which princess he thinks best represents a deadly sin in a series of beautiful art nouveau style illustrations, but has he been fair on your favorite princess?

Let's take a tour through the seven deadly Disney sins and see who has been accused...

Belle - Vanity

Belle herself might not be vain, but everyone around her is totally obsessed and fixated on her beauty (I'm look at you Gaston, you piece of work!)


Do you think Belle deserves to represent the sin of vanity?

Show White - Gluttony

Last time I checked, not even the trainers on The Biggest Loser would consider eating an apple as gluttony!

Snow White has probably been chosen to represent the deadly sin of stuffing your face because the bite she takes of the apple becomes her demise, but do you think this is fair?


Do you think Snow White deserves to represent the sin of gluttony?

Princess Jasmine - Wrath

Princess Jasmine got pissed off once and had her loyal guard tiger maul a suitors ass, so she gets to be wrath.


Do you think Princess Jasmine deserves to represent the sin of wrath?

Tinkerbell - Envy

Tinkerbell might not technically be a princess, but it's hard to deny that she is the high priestess of Disney envy.

Peter Pan's relationship with Wendy leaves little Tink bitter and malicious, but she masters her jealousy in the end.


Do you think Tinkerbell deserves to represent the sin of envy?

Ariel - Greed

Ariel might be an underwater princess who lives in a badass palace, but she still hungers for more.

Is Ariel's quest a curious thirst for adventure, or an expression of greed and ingratitude? You decide!


Do you think Ariel deserves to represent the sin of greed?

Cinderella - Lust

Cinderella has one dance with the prince and then he consumes her every waking thought and sparks a desperate desire to be with him again.

Is this true love or just an act of naked lust for Cinders?


Do you think Cinderella deserves to represent the sin of lust?

Aurora - Sloth

Aurora might not have chosen to sleep for years, but there's no denying that spending more than a week in bed is a serious case of the sloths!


Do you think Aurora deserves to represent the sin of sloth?

Think your favorite princess has been wrongly accused? State your case for them in the comments below!

(Source: Trend Hunter via Chris Hill)


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