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A question. How do you make something as fundamentally awesome as Marvel even better (and more adorable)?

The answer? You add Disney characters to it...

Over the past few years, the fantastically talented artists of the internet have produced countless examples of awesomely, ludicrously terrific fan art - but some of the best has mashed up the iconic heroes of Marvel's cinematic universe with the legendary characters from Disney's decades of awesomeness.

What's more, a whole lot of that awesome artwork has found its way to our attention through Worth1000's fantastic regular fan art contests - some of the greatest of which you can check out just below. Including...


As conjured up by Johnrmcconnell, who clearly gets that with great power comes great Responsidisney. No, wait, that's not right...

And, who has a fantastic grasp of superhero teams, as proven by...

Disney's Fantastic Four

Who are pretty darned awesome as a whole - but Donald Duck as The Thing is almost too cool for words...

Iron Buzz Lightyear

Who, in the hands of BrunoSousa, is clearly able to get both to Infinity and Beyond, and straight into Pepper Potts' heart.

Hurley the Punisher

With which Zakfuego makes Hurley from G-Force an altogether cuter proposition.

Hulk White

Which ThomasBerg has made into an even more disturbing (and awesome) combination than you'd imagine it to be.


Who, in fairness, would probably be just as freaked out by those claws as Marcovanbijsteren makes it seem.

A Venomous Stitch

Who Monkeysniffer08 makes decidedly a terrifying kind of way.

'Captain' Jack Sparrow

Who KirkD reimagines as a whole lot more of a captain than ever before.

And, of course, a few Disney princesses get in on the act - including...

Invisible Merida

Which, in the hands of Errorquetzal, works surprisingly well.

And, finally...

Rapunzel Joins the X-Men

As rendered awesomely by Graphshot - anyone else be totally down to watch that movie?

The best part? You can check out even more Disney/Marvel awesomeness right here, and here.

What do you guys think though?


Loving the Disney/Marvel Mashups?

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