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For 28 years we've chanted "Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice" desperately hoping our cantankerous 'exorcist of the living' would reappear.

Well now, though he hasn't repeated those three raspy words, director, Tim Burton, has said the follow up to the hilarious 1998 fantasy-comedy, Beetlejuice, is "closer than ever".

It's long been known that, like us, the Betelgeause character holds a special place in Burton's heart. Speaking to Coming Soon, he said:

“It’s a character that I love and I miss and I miss actually working with Michael [Keaton]. There’s only one Betelgeuse. We’re working on a script and I think it’s probably closer than ever and I’d love to work with him again.”

Keaton himself is on top form, having starred in Robocop, Need for Speed and Birdman - the latter of which he is being considered as an outsider for an oscar.

Burton has also revealed that Winona Ryder will feature in the sequel. When asked whether Ryder will play a part, he told MTV:

“Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah,... Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah yeah, oh yeah.”

The pair have recently collaborated on a music video for the band The Killers, Burton said:

"I hadn’t seen her in a while… and she was so great,” Burton said. “I was so happy to see her"

Burton's latest film Big Eyes is out in cinemas on Christmas Day.


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