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number 5 - blade reboot

Who does'nt want a vampire ass whooping,black shades on wesley snipes and his sword cutting through cold flesh.and marvel needs it.this movie can introduce a whole new corner to MCU.

number 4 - nova

This movie can be awesome as this could be the lantern corps of nnova got some OK fame with ultimate spiderman tv series.

number 3- ghost rider

I only thing i can say about ghost rider is that it has so much potential.because ghost rider is practically (i think)immortal.

number 2 - daredevil reboot

I mean we are talking about the first superhero who appeared in a his very own first titled comic.and he is the first superhero who is well,blind.but the problem with this movie is that kingpin the mortal enemy of daredevil is a part of sony spider-verse,well so are some other characters.

some people may hate me for this but my number one pick is

iron fist and luke cage

I am definetly excited for the netflix series but i need a movie out of it.i love iron fist because he is actually a billionare and this movie and daredevil movie could eventually lead to a defenders movie.

Honorable mentions

ELECTRA reboot

she hulk

a spinoff black widow movie

a spinoff hawkeye movie


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