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So, Batman vs. Superman. A much contested topic, will it be great? Will it suck? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, allow me to take a somewhat unusual stance and tell you, from all that we know about the film, five things that it has going for it.

1) An iconic set-up

Just yes
Just yes

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn't come out for almost another year and a half, and is coming off the back of a movie which didn't exactly set everyone on fire with its brilliance. Yet it's one of the most anticipated and talked about movies at the moment. That in and of itself shows the power of attraction that these two characters have, purely by being in a film together.

While some of us (myself included) would rather see a World's Finest film than a versus movie, we can't deny that we've put a lot of thought into who would win this fight, and it's something that, if done right, we'll all be clamoring to see. This is a pairing that's just made to be great. On their own, these two heroes are legendary powerhouses, and together they are unstoppable.

2) Zack Snyder

Not everyone is a Zack Snyder fan. Which is completely understandable. Personally I think some of his films are great (Watchmen, 300), some are 'meh' (Man of Steel, Legend of the Guardians) and some just plain suck (Sucker Punch).

But the one thing that all of his films have in common is a stunning visual aesthetic. Even Sucker Punch looks absolutely fantastic, and probably the best aspect of Man of Steel was the absolutely jaw-dropping Kryptonian punch-ups. Hell, 300 is a movie with the sole purpose of looking awesome, and a speciality of Snyder's is action scenes, as he's proved time and time again. So while I can't promise you a great film overall, I can pretty much guarantee you that the Batman versus Superman fight will be absolutely spectacular to behold.

3) Wonder Woman

I'm actually pretty happy with it
I'm actually pretty happy with it

We've been waiting a long time for Diana to get her cinematic debut. Since 1941 to be precise. While she may appear as a very cartoonish and maybe even a stupid kind of character, readers of the comics will definitely know that the opposite couldn't be more true.

She's a militant and badass warrior with a big heart, and while her appearance in this film is only a cameo, that's nonetheless exciting that she's finally coming to the big screen. There's a lot more to her than you might imagine, and hopefully this film sets her up well enough to make us all excited for her solo outing. (Come on Gal Gadot, silence all the critics)

4) An older Batman

pictured: Batman
pictured: Batman

I'm not the biggest fan of the Dark Knight Returns. And while they have assured us that this isn't an adaptation, one thing they're definitely bringing in from that particular story, is the older, more battle worn Batman. Which is, luckily for them, one of the best things about Frank Miller's depiction of the character.

I absolutely love the Batman who is more willing to go the extra broken bone with his villains, and who has, as a result of his countless losses, become more reclusive and wary. It shows the inner turmoil of the character, and while I'm a child of the '90s animated series, I'm still very much looking forward to Ben Affleck's take on a grittier, angrier Caped Crusader.

5) Dealing with consequences

A lot of people have been very vocal in their disapproval of the death count in Man of Steel. Luckily for them, this movie is going to tackle that problem, as you can see from the anti-Superman protestors above. Which creates a world with much more of a grounded feel if we can see the consequences of our heroes' actions.

It fleshes out the universe they live in and makes worldwide threats all the more menacing. And I imagine that there are going to be a few of them on the way, what with two Justice League films coming. Having consequences to Superman's actions also develops his character more, giving him conflict as even though he saved humanity, the population is rejecting him. Which brings out the true good in Superman as he does the right thing regardless of what the world thinks of him.

Wrapping Up...

So, those were five reasons that Batman v. Superman can be awesome. Though there's always the chance that WB will completely mess up. But what do you guys think? Are you excited? Cautiously optimistic (like myself)? Or do you just not care anymore? Whatever your thoughts, feel free to let us know of them in the comments and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!

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