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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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The Just Cause franchise came as a complete surprise to me, I had never played the first one before. Heard of yes, but I was very much embroiled in my Pro Evolution Soccer honeymoon at that point, playing the seminal and fantastic PES 6 for days on end in various living rooms.

But, back in 2010, when a friend of mine handed me a copy of Just Cause 2, with a gleam in his eye, and uttered the words "just play it, man, then you'll understand", I was a bit apprehensive at first. Another third person shooter in a market saturated with Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alpha Protocol, my hands were already pretty full!

But after popping it into my ancient Xbox 360's disc drive, parachuting into Panau and beginning my onslaught of absolute chaos and destruction, I was hooked! The open world game is absolutely insane and packed full of hilarious stunts. Though the storyline is rather flat. But no-one plays JC for its narrative intricacies...or lack of. Imagine a world where, for better or for worse, John McTiernan and Michael Bay came together on an action game. That would be the Just Cause franchise!

2015 will see the release of the third iteration of the franchise, and I cannot wait! The game, set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici, will contain a map the same size of JC2, but Avalanche Studios, JC's devs, have revealed that the game will include more verticality, allowing subterranean exploration, higher points to do dumb stuff on and flying about in a dang wingsuit. My word...

The game looks great too, as evidenced with screenshots released by Avalanche and their parent company Square Enix. Take a peek for yourself...

Just Cause 3

Surf a sports car into the sky then parachute off. NBD.

A lovely serene moment before the obligatory carnage...

Only in this game could you ride a gas canister...

Average day in the life of our protagonist, Rico.

Look at that water!

Little bit of deconstruction work...

This game is going to be amazing!

I really hope you'll be able to pull this off in-game. But that's a silly thing to say, of course you'll be able to gun mid-air on a plane.

Straight chillin'

What do you guys think? Day one purchase or wait for it to pass by like a jarring neighbour?

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