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Much of the beauty of video games comes from their ability to transport the player to a completely new interactive play-space, where they're left to explore a digital world's unique eccentricities, imaginative environments and peculiar rule sets.

Even though graphics are getting ever more realistic, developers have continued to create unreal, otherworldly video games that stretch the boundaries of possibility - but none more so than the following mind-bending gems!

Be warned: these are some of the most surreal, bizarre and downright insane games released this year. Playing them for too long may leave you with a sore brain, but that's a fair price to pay to experience their awesome, nonsensical craziness!

Leave your notions of reality at the door...

1. The Entire Screen of One Game

Tom 7's super strange platformer is best described as the video game equivalent of a magic eye poster, messing with your perspective until you just have to avert your gaze!

The concept is simple: you play as a colored cube that can move left, right or jump. The catch is, the game's camera is forever pulling out, revealing cube world, within cube world - and the limbo-ish nightmare never ends!

It's difficult to explain, but I urge you to give it a go for free here.

2. Kentucky Route Zero

In Kentucky Route Zero you play as Conway, a truck driver on his way to make a delivery to 5 Dogwood Drive, but things start to get a little out of the ordinary when your journey leads you down the game's mysterious titular highway.

It's a hyper-surreal, hallucinogenic acid trip through the inspired minds of the developers - sometimes discomforting, often inexplicable, but always mesmerising.

If you liked Twin Peaks, or Lynchian-style horror movies, you should absolutely check this out.

3. Jazzpunk

This bizarre comedy adventure, set in an alternate reality Cold War world, throws reality out the window and abandons all conceptions of sense. Nevertheless, Jazzpunk assaults the player with a delightfully random barrage of jokes that often had me in stitches.

Expect to see robotic prostitutes, a matrimonial deathmatch parody called 'Wedding-Quake,' and plenty of microwaved pigeon pies. You just have to play it to understand.

4. Hohokum

It would perhaps be more accurate to describe Hohokum as an 'experience,' rather than a 'game.' Though there are loose goals for the player to complete, there are no set 'objectives.'

Governing a snakelike creature around Hohokum's strange sights, you're simply left to soak in the dream-like ambience of its colorful world. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea, light a scented candle and lose yourself to the charm of Hohokum.

Tell us about your most surreal gaming experiences below!


Which mind-bending game is the most bizarre?


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