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Fallout 4 is still breaking our hearts, with Bethesda maintaining their silence, refusing to give us a release date for the PC and the Xbox One, PS4 NextGen consoles. But would you take an Elder Scrolls game in its place and maybe even a brand new IP?!

Bethesda have one of the strongest reputations in the gaming community today. They remain to be hold their place as one of the greatest developers, consistently surpassing expectations and continually raising the bar in terms of what gamers should expect from a game. Skyrim was revolutionary and continues to inspire and gather players even to this day. And Fallout 3? Well, we all know how incredible that game was, as it has us pining for another title. But which one would you want more?

Fallout 4 vs New Elder Scrolls Game


One can argue that there has been a much longer gap with regards to the Fallout series, and therefore it deserved to have a sooner release date. I would concur, but there are a lot of Elder Scrolls fans out there and I'm intrigued to see where fans stand in terms of preference.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gave us a game that we had never dreamed of. The world was so incredibly large, and they just handed it to us and said: 'Have fun, go make your own journey!' Naturally, we did! Every person that played Skyrim had a different narrative, and new tales to tell their friends about their experiences in this incredibly dense landscape. I mean just look at this screenshot!!!


Of course, the prospect of returning to this kind of RPG but on a larger scale is beyond enticing. But the thing is, Skyrim has so much going on within it that it feels like we can live with having no further additions for longer. Besides, Elder Scrolls Online isn't that old, though it isn't exactly the game we had hoped it to be. Not really the Elder Scrolls experience we're used to having.

But still, I feel like Fallout 4 warrants Bethesda's attention more. Granted that's just because I enjoyed Fallout 3 more than Skyrim...but you know. I'm really interested in knowing whether players would be more interested in getting a new Elder Scrolls title or Fallout 4? Perhaps Bethesda isn't working on either and they are secretly developing a new IP!

Not here yet...
Not here yet...

I love me some new IPs, don't get me wrong...but Fallout. It's so difficult to let go of the idea of returning to a NextGen Fallout landscape. It would literally save this generation from the blandness we've experienced so far with it, granted though 2015 looks awesome in terms of new releases!

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So players, what would you pick? Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls VI or a new Bethesda IP?! Let us know in the comments!


Which would you pick?


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