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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Korra is one of kids TV's greatest female protagonists and The Legend Of Korra itself is a wonderful animated series, and rightly acclaimed by critics, on many levels: great characterization, funny, dark, and has the ability to strike a balance between fantastical elements and a very human tale of attempting to keep up with a world amidst a drastic change.

So it's no wonder that this brilliant, kick ass and sassy teenager has been cosplayed by so many talented cosplay artists! But not so well as one badass successful attempt at humanizing the reincarnation of the Avatar.


Enter The Avatar

The cosplayer Ally, or CosmicNya as she's known online, managed to pull off a great rendition of Korra in the upcoming images taken by CMOSs Photography. She's got the attitude down, and even stops to get Korra's hair and costume spot on. Let's take a look!

Waterbending Masterpiece

Not bad at all, right? I love the waterbending effect applied.

Master of the Elements

But Still a Grumpy...

Yet Incredibly Talented Teen

All in all, a job very well done. Hats off to Ally and the CMOSs Photography team for coming together and creating something fantastic. That reminds me, I need to start watching The Legend Of Korra again...

(Source: CosmicNya via DeviantArt)


What do you think? Great cosplay?


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