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Erkan Bahadır

I think I don’t need to warn you about spoiler content, huh? If you haven’t watched the last episode of Arrow, this could be a “spoiler.”

After watching Arrow’s latest episode, I thought I should do the Star Wars version of the dueling scene. Actually, at the beginning I was a bit lazy about it because it takes quite a long time and it’s really tiring. Anyway, I put aside the laziness and began to work.

Ra’s Al Ghul takes the red light-saber from Oliver’s hand and starts to duel with two light-sabers. Then Ra’s injures Oliver with his own weapon, as he said at the very beginning…

In conclusion, I think I’ve done good but your comments are much more important than mine!

Enjoy the video!


Do you think Matt Nable is a good Ra's Al Ghul?


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